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Other Than X-Men.....

So I grew up on X-Men and that's all I read is their comics... I was thinking I should try something new....not really a DC Comic person....any other Marvel comics I should check out... thanx in advance

Scarlet Witch & Jean Grey


I have never been a Wanda fan, though I think she is a great character with a great story. That being said I don’t like the difference in which they (neither the writers nor the Avengers in story) handled Wanda and her Decimation and Jean as the Dark Phoenix.

It’s crazy how The Avengers (Whom besides Carol I really can’t stand) came to Wanda’s defense after she was found during “The Children’s Crusade”. When the X-men came demanding retribution for her crimes they literally stepped in between and told them that is was an Avengers issue to handle. Offering sentimental monologues about “what does taking her and imprisoning her accomplish?” Graciously the X-men left them to their own devices. Wanda is given the chance to “redeem” herself. Which she will never do.

Then cut to Hope and the second coming. The Avengers come to Utopia for forcibly abduct Hope because of the “possible” threat that she poses with no proof as she has never done anything to warrant that type of protocol. They justify their action by calling it precaution and safety measures. Taking a child from the only family she knows after losing her father and imprisoning her against her will is different and more righteous than what the X-men wanted to do for AN ACTUAL CRIME COMMITTED BY WANDA how?

The Dark Phoenix saga is supposed to be this cautionary tale about Jean and the Phoenix and must be destroyed at all costs. And even though she destroyed an entire Solar system… The dark phoenix, besides sparring matches against the X-men and Shi’ar, has never devastated the Earth. Yet she is so much more vilified than Wanda who decimated an entire race and non-mutants didn’t care at all.