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Wow, the X-Men are dicks. 0

So, this is a perfectly fine issue but I'm super stuck on how the X-Men deal with that cop on like page 6. There are 6 X-Men in the car and one of them is a telepath! Instead of just getting Psylocke to cloud his mind and think the car is loaded with hot 90s babes who flirt with him hardcore so he lets them go or something they instead all decide to be huge dicks! Beast offers to handle him even though anyone could have figured out it wouldn't end well. Wolverine then cuts Beast off before he g...

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This issue is an interesting beast. On the surface this story has your standard first issue tropes to it. Meet your new strange and interesting hero, learn their backstory, and set the stage for what is to come! But it's really not that simple here. I don't have much more than a passing familiarity with Ghost Rider. I know the pop culture knowledge that's Johnny Blaze is the fiery avatar for heaven and hell, tricked by Mephisto (here Satan) into possessing this power, and riding the world bringi...

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Just Say No Jason Aaron 0

Wow. I'm gone from comics for a few short months and then THIS happens.I started this arc with issue 300 because money has been tight and I've only been able to buy comics sporadically and issue 300 wasn't that bad. Then I went back and read issue 20 and realized, oh crap, we're back to this Jason Aaron. The Jason Aaron I'm not a big fan of. The way I see it, there are three different Jason Aarons. You have your fantastically good Jason Aaron. That's your Punisher MAX Jason Aaron and the Jason A...

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...and the war on sin begins. 0

I LOVE this issue. There is just so much in this issue that is just so right. Except for that freaking logo.  I don't know much about Ghost Rider. I know the character has been around for about as long as most other Marvel characters and has an equally rich history. I also know that for some reason there are like three Ghost Riders running around for some reason. What I don't know is why. Regardless of what you do know about Ghost Rider you don't need to know a thing about the character to get i...

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He has something of mine and I need it back. 0

To preface this, I know NOTHING about Moon Knight. Nada. So coming into this series I was surprised how little confusion there was for me. In fact, the only confusing part about issue #1 was the very last panel where Spidey, Cap, and Wolverine just suddenly disappear which was immediately cleared up for me by the catch up page in this issue. Moon Knight is a character that just gets more and more interesting the more I read so, to my wallet's lament, I'm definitely sticking with this series.  Th...

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They Want Him Back 0

Generation Hope is not a good series. Not yet at least. It has a great deal of potential but for some reason has been pretty lackluster since the get go. After issue 6 I decided to drop the series completely. None of these characters apart from Hope have been particularly interesting or engaging (though I do kind of like Teon because he's kind of fun) and with the revelation that the sixth light is a baby able to mind control people I decided I was out. Yet, for some reason, when I was in the co...

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Been A While 0

This issue really exemplifies why this series is amongst my favorites and maybe one of the best X-Titles out there.  First thing I want to mention is that I LOVE Shatterstar. His constant discovery of our world through Rictor and the entertainment he keeps exposing him to is never going to get old to me. Also, you can tell Peter David has a love for movies and TV and isn't afraid to drop obscure references through Shatterstar.  Just a little observation I wanted to throw out there. This issue pi...

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Must You Scream, Nathan? I'm Trying To Work Here. 4

I'm not an expert on the New Mutants but I know life hasn't been easy on the team lately. When I picked up the title with issue #15 the New Mutants were just picking themselves up from the events of Second Coming only to find that they now had to deal with General Ulysses and his Project Purgatory. Now that the Age of X has happened members of the New Mutants find themselves wondering if they are going to be a team for much longer. Sam is out of commission for the moment, Shan is de...

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Oh. Ha. And Milk. 0

I have two MAJOR problems with this issue before I even cracked the cover.#1) This issue, and as I've now learned this whole series, has a distinct lack of  Chris Bachalo. I liked the series well enough before but his brief stint on this series made me love it more. It certainly isn't realistic art but its awesome and injected a little fun into the kind of now bleak X-verse.#2) Why are we getting another Curse of the Mutants story like 5 months after that arc finished? What the hell? Then a...

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