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Theracles: Favorites

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  • The Civil War is the best story arc in Marvel because all the heroes fight themselves for the right to accept or decline of a Registration Actc created the USA government. Captain America is the good guy and Iron Man is the bad guy.

  • This is one of my favorites, when the Hulk returns to exact revenge one those who betrayed him especially the ILLUMINATI because they sent him into space to live in an abandoned planet.

  • Its awesome since Thor and Herc fight side by side.

  • Hercules vs Ares: Final Fight!

  • Wolverine a badass with claws!

  • Hercules's Golden Mace is an unbreakable weapon and has survived hits from Mjolnir without even getting scratched.

  • Thor's mystical hammer allows him to mimic the power of flight and allows him to control thunderbolts and the weather. Only the worthy may wield Mjolnir.

  • The Ultimate Nullifier is a powerful object that was used to defeat Galactus himself.

  • The all seeing eye of Agamotto grants the wearer the power to read minds, see through illusions, control minds, communicate telepathically etc. It also releases energy blasts.