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FEB130191 ALL STAR WESTERN #19 $3.99




FEB130127 FLASH #19 $2.99


FEB130188 I VAMPIRE #19 $2.99


FEB130117 KATANA #3 $2.99

FEB130177 RED LANTERNS #19 (WRATH) $2.99

FEB130132 SAVAGE HAWKMAN #19 $2.99

FEB130141 SUPERMAN #19 $2.99

FEB130155 TALON #7 $2.99

FEB130196 TEEN TITANS #19 $2.99

:-( Just noticed Aquaman got bumped to next week. Sad.

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Strong support of basically all mentioned (my top: Ivan Reis).

Also want to throw in there some Nicola Scott, Dale Eaglesham, Mikel Janin, Andrea Sorrentino and Marcus To as some other fine artists.

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Aww....I'm sad to see Dial H so low. It's my favorite thing coming out of DC right now. ;_;

Well, to see it from the glass half full side... it has made it this long, far longer than I think we could've reasonably anticipated before its active debut. But it has shed readers way way way too fast. Truth be told, I think it might actually intimidate some readers, or at least thin out the herd of those who are looking for a casual ride. I find the book to be very (surprisingly) cerebral, and in order to really get my enjoyment out of it I have to change my mindset and even go back to review. While it makes the experience worthwhile for me, I can see it getting a lot of readers to jump ship, really fast. I'm curious to see how the informal Flash tie-in this month will effect sales.

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Cyborg Superman (as Hank Henshaw) also appeared in Team 7, as a note.

Prankster was the foldout revealed villain on the Nightwing cover, debuting there (the expectation was that it would be either Joker or Creeper).

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@xwraith said:

Did Green Arrow's sales increase after Lemire and Sorrentino came on board?

Yes. They did return to a similar level in the following issue, but there was a dramatic increase in sales for the initial issue, creditable to Lemire/Sorrentino as well as a WCBH cover.

@knightrise said:

@dark_guyver said:

Man, JLA really dipped in sales.

And the first two issues have both been very good. Its not like it brought in a bunch of hype and fgailed to deliver.

You know the 200k drop is interesting there must be a reason why that happened, I don't believe its because 200k people think it sucked.

Maybe there's some rich nerd who bought them thinking they are gonna be worth tons of $$$ later? We need Batman to solve this mystery.

Update: after I pressed enter I noticed the other guy explained what happened.

To further elaborate, sales figures are not a reflection of sales made within the stores, just those ordered by retailers. The current state of sales is a reflection of retailer anticipation, and series drops are compounded by natural anticipation of attrition causing additional readers to lose faith in a series and not pick up subsequent issues. All March sales orders would have been placed well in advance of the release of JLA #1. Typically retailers maintain 60% of their ordering figures; more likely than not, retailers followed a similar schematic for this, deliberately subtracting a greater amount due to an anticipated feeling that the additional state variants would be delivered only to dedicated fans (ie only approximately 150,000 copies would have made it into the hands of individual hands, dropping 50,000 to compensate as a sales loss.

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Bump. Help?

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I'm interested in digging in to some of the recent Marvel universe... with a few conditions. I'm interested only in picking up paperback collections, and only of those series that are currently running and are more likely than not will continue to do so for at least a year. Ignoring ALL of the Marvel Now titles (as they're not available in collected form, and most will not be available in paperback for some time) I'd like some advice on which of the remaining trade books you would strongly recommend, based on the criteria of consistent quality and unlikeliness of cancellation. I'm a heavy DC reader, though I'm also incredibly familiar with Marvel... just playing catch up with trades. I'd like to get every available softcover for a selected series, but not break my wallet too much (keep in mind if recommending say X-Factor...) These are the 17 candidates. Which would you scratch off the list? Which would you recommend?

  • Age of Apocalypse
  • Astonishing X-Men
  • Avengers Assemble
  • Avenging Spider-Man
  • Captain Marvel
  • Daredevil
  • Dark Avengers
  • Gambit
  • Hawkeye
  • Journey Into Mystery
  • Red She-Hulk
  • Scarlet Spider
  • Venom
  • Winter Soldier
  • Wolverine & The X-Men
  • X-Treme X-Men
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Awesome work! I've been reading all of them as well, and I have to say I'm pretty much 100% in sync with every thought you had... your favorites are my favorites too, and your *facepalms* are my facepalms too! (The only exception at all was Justice League, of which I had a slightly more favorable view). Nice job, I would truck out my own similarly formatted year-review... but that would basically just be copying any pasting, so whats the point?

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@BatWatch: To respond to each piece of the puzzle...

1. I would agree that the Culling was not the strongest storyline in comics history, nor in New 52 history. However, to state that The Culling's box office numbers provoked DC into releasing this series in its Second Wave is slightly in error, because the series issue #1 was planned and launched within the same timeframe as the event's release, which at best means that they were billing it off of the potential sales brought in by the crossover. This is, in my opinion, actually a rather marked improvement over the DC of old, who would notice the potential for a release, curiously observe a raving fandom and then release a related mini-series to retest the now cooled field and wonder at why these awed at characters were not matching the numbers they anticipated (see Great Ten, Red Tornado and all of DC's event based aftermath minis pre-new 52). It didn't play out, but at least they're taking some better chances.

2. I would agree that there is no real built in audience for the Ravagers, and that none of the previously existing characters has all that extensive of a fanbase, even considering Fairchild, Beast Boy and Terra (or Rose, whose constant absence continues to astound me considering the given title). However, I once again think there is a little bit of chutzpah to taking that chance... granted, one that didn't work out, but in a world where every 3rd post on major comic sites is a complaint on the plethora of Batman titles, it is nice to see them attempting to develop a new corner, potentially even linking it to the expansion of the Titans franchise. It hasn't panned out all that well, but it is okay for titles to not reach platinum success. Regarding the critique of Fairchild's lack of skin exposure, we've apparently hit a subject where the vocal parties of the fandom are more divided than the houses of Congress (see outrage on Catwoman, Starfire, etc. & outrage on Power Girl's lack of 'window', Fairchild's lack of savage landed costumes, etc). As such, it is a distinct lose/lose situation, somewhat nullifying the claims of it being a poor decision, although perhaps still a contributing factor to the absence of some Gen13 fans. Assuming that vocal fans actually hold to their outlandish cries of title abandonment (of which I clearly do not believe, but am clearly assuming) then they'd be breaking to the same point no matter which decision was made.

3. I would agree rather heartily with this point in the title's execution. In concept, I actually found the idea of the time compelling, but too quickly did the pieces unravel and the basis for their shared identity was rather pointedly lost, as the company's attempt to buoy sales with ghost crossovers with the Teen Titans, Legion Lost and Superboy left the creative element further flummoxed, in my opinion. I don't find it a disappointing read, but neither do I feel like it fills a need where one was previously void... I continue to see potential in the direction of the title, but would express some concern about it attempting to rediscover it's purpose this far into the story progression (from a sales perspective).

Speaking of the sales perspective, I'll point out that I Vampire was not (at least in October) the lowest uncancelled ongoing in the New 52 (there must always be a lowest though, and that pleasure currently belongs to Firestorm). Those uncancelled series performing below Ravagers include: Legion of Super-Heroes, Stormwatch, Batwing, Demon Knights, Deathstroke, Hawkman, DC Universe Presents, I Vampire and Firestorm.

Regarding the sales of DC Universe Presents, this is somewhat dependent on the character (in both the ongoing DCUP and in the references minis). Most of the first wave of minis outpaced the current DCUP sales rate (and the rate current at the time of their publication) including vehicles like Huntress, Legion Secret Origin and the Penguin. DCUP has some shifts depending on characters, for instance with a temporary surge for a Kid Flash-centric one shot, likely to be mirrored with an upcoming one-shot of Arsenal. Presently, the Phantom Lady mini-series and the National Comics one-shot fall a few thousand units shy of the DCUP numbers.

Overall, I'm rather in agreement that the Ravagers is a struggling title right now. I still enjoy it, but was truthfully hoping for it to be a title with a lasting place with a new identity, which I think would be a touch of overstatement at this moment.

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Well, it sure is nice to see that there are some other fans out there... sure the sales figures haven't blown up... but on the other hand, it could've been cancelled 5 months ago and still kept on rolling *wink*. It did pretty well in trade at shops, selling caround the Stormwatch/Demon Knights level... anecdotally it was a hit success in bookstores... so that could bode well for it. I still believe very strongly in this title, hope that Fialkov does even more DC work and that if it does happen to end, its with a nice enough heads up that the wrap-up can be delivered cleanly...