TheOptimist's February Report!

The fun continues! And I’m actually managing to keep this going two months in a row! Our first five shipment-weeks month of the year, this February brought with it a good handful of comics… and some real surprises. Some unexpected titles made it into my favorites list and some new directions make me more excited for the future of comics than ever before!

February Report

DC: 66 Comics

Vertigo: 8 Comics

Marvel: 15 Comics

Other Publishers: 3 Comics

Total: 92 Comics

Top Vertigo: American Vampire #24

Once again this title takes the top spot; once again it does so with bold conviction. I’m continually surprised by what this book has to offer, particularly in the development of new characters and the expansion of the mythology of the series. Skinner Sweet is a compelling character on his own, but the developing history of young Travis Kidd was compelling and flat out awesome. I would love to see a capable writer take the character off on his own course after next month’s completion of this storyline.

Honorable Mentions: Fables #114, The Unwritten #34

Top Marvel: Wolverine & The X-Men #6

It almost seems disappointing that a majority of last month’s top books repeat the feat this month, but I honestly could not see any other title as being this worthy of the spot. The artistic style is one of my favorites; the characters are both hilariously endearing and at the same time empowered beings, not by their mutation but by their personality. The fact is that this title is a true “fun adventure” style title, full of wacky hijinks, exciting action scenes, all without diminishing the value of the title characters. This is quickly becoming one of my favorite reads; (history suggests that we must thus look for its participation in crossovers to dilute the quality and lead to the book’s plummet towards cancellation). If the book can stay this course for the long term, it will lock its place not only in the Marvel universe, but in the greater history of the X-Men mythology.

Honorable Mentions: Avengers Academy #25, Thunderbolts #170, Wolverine & The X-Men #5, X-Factor #232

Top Other Publisher: Star Trek/Legion of Super-Heroes #5

Normally this would be a giveaway spot for the Morning Glories title… but the game was raised this month with this crossover, which not only provided an engaging story but also featured some major twists and turns. The truth is that this spot is really awarded because of the two-page splash that turned this issue into the ultimate crossover. It is much to wish for in the future, but I can only hope that the page symbolizes the continued possibility that these many universes (and franchises) will find opportunities to collide.

Honorable Mentions: Morning Glories #16, Kevin Keller #1

Top DC: Batman #6

Clearly this book has hit a solid stride, taking the momentum of last month’s issue and rolling with it to perfect completion. I could not be more excited by this title and cannot wait for what comes next. This issue not only serves as a stellar piece of work on its own, but also functions as a proper example of how to lead into a mini-event without forcing the subject or diverting the strength of the title’s core purpose. While it falls into the category of the more recognizable super-hero titles, I would not for a moment hesitate to recommend this issue (along with the preceding installments) to any reader of comics.

My DC Top 10 for February

1) Batman #6- A phenomenal chapter leading to desperate anticipation.

2) Green Lantern Corps- A brilliant closeout that returns the title to the top of my stacks.

3) I, Vampire- A shocking twisting yarn, leading to anticipation for a hopefully stellar crossover epic.

4) Resurrection Man- A surprising done-in-one, providing a perfect jumping on point for the character.

5) Aquaman- A strong one-shot character analysis, with the first hints of a larger web of intrigue.

6) Red Hood and the Outlaws- A piece of the past that proves to be enlightening and reflective.

7) Penguin: Pain and Prejudice- A brilliant ending to an under read character study that leaves me begging for similar projects.

8) Justice League- A simple blockbuster that served its purpose, with an enticing tease of things to come.

9) Swamp Thing- A horrifying installment of a consistently brilliant title.

10) Blue Beetle- A perfect example of the character’s potential.

Overall Pick of the Month: Batman #6 (DC Comics)

Next Month’s Anticipations: The bottled city of Metropolis! Will the Rot claim the Animal Kingdom as it did the Parliament of Trees? Batwing and Massacre in Gotham City! What is the secret of the Huntress? Night Force debuts! Who is the new Swamp Thing? Batwoman against the world of urban legends! What is the secret of the Indigo Tribe? Resurrection Man also in Gotham City! How will the Owls strike the Bat next? Catwoman in her own Fast and Furious! Who else will join the Justice League? The Rise of the Vampires! Will the Titans succeed in rescuing Superboy? The new wave of Vertigo titles debut! Will Gus save the day? Travis Kidd’s finale! Will the Children’s Crusade actually end this month? Thunderbolt against Thunderbolt! Will AvX’s tease thrill or fizzle?

And My Questions for You!

What books are you thinking about adding or dropping?

What books from the Vertigo launch are you considering?

What effect does double shipping have on your buying patterns?

What low selling title would you beg to save?

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