TheOptimist's April Report

April Report

DC: 58 Comics

Vertigo: 8 Comics

Marvel: 9 Comics

Other Publishers: 2 Comics

Total: 77 Comics

Top Vertigo: American Vampire #26

I thought for sure that it would be impossible for all of my top titles to remain the same. Somehow, it managed to be true. So this month will be American Vampire's final time to be eligible for my top Vertigo spot, moving instead to a permanent approval spot on my pull list. The thing that makes this book so wonderful is how it plays against all the expectations of the Vampire trope, particularly in the way that the number of the title monsters are actually controlled. Each one is fleshed out beautifully, and this month's star, Calvin Poole, is indicative of the true social and cultural commentary linked to the underlying theme of the book. Beautifully done.

Honorable Mentions: Sweet Tooth #32, The Unwritten #36

Top Marvel: Wolverine & The X-Men #8

This book earning the top honor for its kind is not, in fact, indicative of its quality. This month, Marvel basically disappointed across the board. In fact, if it had only been issue #9 of this title released this month, Wolverine & The X-Men would have lost out. As it is, the book will be moved to the permanent removal and approval list, no longer eligible for the top spot. On the whole, I don't mind that, as the book has been quite an enjoyable ride, but I'm hoping that some other Marvel title will at least be worthy enough to earn that top spot in its absence.

No Honorable Mentions

Top Other Publisher: Saga #2

I won't be surprised is this book earns its way to a permanent spot on my board, particularly because its only other independent competition is Morning Glories, which admirably vies for that top spot on its own, but did not ship this month. The real question is what other independent book will secure my attention, earn praise equal to these two titles, and manage to sustain enough readers to keep itself afloat. As it is, Brian K. Vaughn is blowing it out of the water. As you might notice, this was my only independent book. I'm not opposed to them... but if I'm going to buy into them, they should match the quality of Mr. Vaughn's or Mr. Spencer's work.

No Honorable Mentions

Top DC: Batman #8

Batman joins Swamp Thing in the ranks of the DC permanently removed and approved on my pull list. I wouldn't be surprised if, given the opportunity, these two books would hold the top spot throughout the entire year. But now that all of Scott Snyder's monthly books have been wiped clean of eligibility, it makes me all the more excited to celebrate the rest of the comic book line. This book, however, is a crossover done perfectly. It stands on its own, it offers a hook, it keeps the story rolling and it raises the stakes while not blasting itself in the foot with its own hype. It also perfectly sets the stage for this month's Night of the Owls, and the fruit of the Batman family could not be more ripe for the picking.

My DC Top 10 For April

1) Batman #8 - A crossover flagship done right.

2) Nightwing #8 - A crossover brother/sister title done right, with a perfect balance of epic and history.

3) Batman & Robin #8 - A tale of a father and son, finally understanding and yet caught in an emotional wave.

4) Batgirl #8 - A brutal emotional roller coaster that yanked my heartstrings to shreds, only to instill terror with a last page reveal.

5) I, Vampire #8 - A different type of crossover that manages to cap off the story, while elevating the threat potential of this underrated gem.

6) Justice League Dark #8 - A perfect companion title that plays in a shared universe, offers a fond farewell and a tease of new beginnings.

7) Wonder Woman #8 - A mind blowing conclusion, led by another creative interpretation of ancient mythology.

8) Aquaman #8 - A journey of adventure, excitement, horror and mystery that continues to please.

9) Frankenstein, Agent of S.H.A.D.E. #8 - Another poignant tale of a hero's family that was harsh, cruel and heartbreaking.

10) Demon Knights #8 - A nice tease of a story that offers a reprieve from the epic fields of battle.

Overall Pick of the Month: Batman #8 (DC Comics)

Next Month’s Anticipations: The Night of the Owls continues! Who is David Graves? The Second Wave begins! What is Andrew Bennett's master plan? Anton Arcane returns! Will Marvel's May comics match the quality of their May film outings?

And My Questions for You!

What are you getting/enjoying out of DC's Second Wave?

Will AVX improve, or should it be dropped before too much wallet damage is done?

Congratulations to: American Vampire, Wolverine & The X-Men and Batman for joining Swamp Thing in my Pull List Hall of Fame!