Exit Ticket: The First New 52 Minis

Huntress: I’ll admit, my perception of this series was probably swayed by Marcus To’s art… but that in itself should serve as a testament of sorts. The story wasn’t out of this world crazy, I suppose, but it doesn’t always have to be. The character and the plot were a standard adventure… the miniseries filled a void that no other book was filling… I would call this one a rather rousing success, all things said and done.

Penguin – Pain and Prejudice: Another one that when they announced I said “really?” And boy am I glad they ran this miniseries. It was REALLY good. The writing and the art were both superb, complementing the essence of the character and his story perfectly. While the pacing was right on the mark and I wouldn’t change it for the world… I also would’ve bought this book for 7 more issues. It was really deep and emotional. I know people are down on the Dark Knight as of late, but if this mini’s writer can work that book half as well has he handled this one… we’re going to hear a lot of “I take it back” regarding the Dark Knight as a book…

The Ray: I’m glad this book was a four issue miniseries… because I enjoyed the character and his little story… but I think I would’ve lost interest if it had carried any longer beyond this final issue… as with Huntress, I think it filled a void, one of levity by a hero just emerging… it hit some diversity marks which was nice I suppose… although the ending didn’t make me beg for more of the character, it also didn’t leave me hoping to never see him again. Not a mind-blower, but they can’t all be, can they?

Legion – Secret Origin: The drawback of this book is that it left me asking the question why, far too often. Why did we need a third legion book when the first two are struggling as they are? Why did we need the origin told again? Why didn’t we really pull anything new out of the book? Which left me feeling a bit like ‘Why did I bother?’ It wasn’t bad writing, nor was it bad art… but I’m not sure that made it justified.

My Greatest Adventure: I’m not really sure why they pushed this book into the rotation. Clearly there was something that I missed, or the creators involved really just wanted to do the stories without hopes for a big blockbuster… but the sales really didn’t warrant this book… that said, I enjoyed it for what it was, and I do hope that there are future options for multi-character shared title minis like this in the future… just maybe with a little more recognizable firepower. Robotman’s story was good, but not really exceptional. I grew to enjoy Garbage Man in the first book… and I loved the art… but if he shows up again, I’d like to see it in someone else’s pages, and only if they can find a real reason for the appearance… Tanga, I’ll admit, was a tad strange. Enjoyable, cute in its own way… but I often found myself chuckling, and unsure of exactly why it was happening.

T.H.U.N.D.E.R. Agents: Ah, Nick Spencer, DC will miss you. I wish this book had found more sales success… because especially now that the journey is complete, it was quite a fun adventure. Sometimes it went a bit beyond me, but as in a Morrison book, by the time we reached the end all of the pieces seemed clear and I had a fun ride. I’m glad that the story was told, at least.

Batman – Odyssey: I’ll be frank, I didn’t enjoy the first volume of this. Enough that the only thing I wasn’t picking up out of all of DC’s main line product, this was the one thing I held off on. And for kicks then I casually picked up issue 1. And enjoyed it, for the most part. So I picked up issue 2. And enjoyed it, for the most part. Rinse and repeat this all the way to the end of the mini, so I ended up picking up every issue, despite not planning to get any of them. This volume did all the things the last one failed to for me… I ended up loving the quirky world it explored, the somewhat atypical script, and the Adams style of art… I guess truth be told, I had quite a good time with this book. Well done.

The Shade: Hey “The Shade”, weren’t you panicking about your book not making it past issue #6? Well congrats, you’ve pushed out 7 so far, and barring a crazy twist you’ll be making it to #12 in September. Seeya then, ya fun book. Good luck to you and Night Force, ya little chuggers.

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