LA Terrace

He tried to hold it back, but a childish grin would reveal itself ever so slightly as Theodore leaned back into his chair. Her answer built up an anticipation much like a child on Christmas morning. He didnt know what abilities Caitlin possessed, but it didnt take super-hearing to feel how hard, and fast his heart was beating as the evening began to unfold. He would enjoy every moment of it, loving her mannerisms and exchanging different stories of their life and professions. Dinner would come and go, Theodore was still lost in her charm as the kind smile of the hostess revealed that they had spent the evening too long as it was due to close.

I guess we got carried away, he said with a chuckle as he unseated himself and walked over to aide Caitlin if she needed. It was more of a courtesy of the moment, but something he was happy to offer. He would press close to Caitlin and utter where he would like to meet her.

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