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the nightwing reviews ironman 0

If you haven’t been reading Iron Man: Director of S.H.I.E.L.D. then here’s a good issue to start. With the Mandarin story concluded, this issue presents the start of an intriguing four part arc. The story gives us international intrigue with Iron Man and his armored alpha team descending into the Eastern European Republic of Kirikhstan in search of nuclear bombs planted by terrorists. S.H.I.E.L.D. is in the former Soviet Republic at the request of the Russians - an interesting twist given Iron M...

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the nightwing explains the simpons 0

Frycooks of the Carribean"Never has the deaths of a multitude of hamsters been so tear-inducingly funny.The latest from Simpsons Comics opens with Homer's stab at backyard barbecue. As one expects the attempt ends explosively, yet Dixon's delivery of Homer's dialogue even when the jokes are traditional instill a smile or two.The ruining of the meal leads the Simpsons clan to The Frying Dutchman which is owned and operated, of course, by "Aaar" The Sea Captain. Dixon backs Phil Oritz's and Mike D...

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the nightwing explains american dream 0

"The Choice and the Challenge"After surviving the car crash that killed her parents, young Shannon Carter was confined to a wheelchair. Her aunt, Peggy Carter, gave her Sharon Carter's diaries. In the words of Sharon Carter, Shannon learned about her deceased aunt's adventures with Captain America. Shannon found inspiration in these deeds. From Sharon and Cap, she learned not to give up and not to give in. Shannon followed physical therapy. She combated the trauma to her nerves. She learned to w...

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the nightwings review for criminal 0

In the relative handful of comics I’d recommend unreservedly as literature to those who aren’t already involved, Criminal is near the top of the list — an uncompromisingly horrifying, uncommonly humane anatomy of the embattled human psyche and the fragile façade of civilization in the trappings of a crime-noir thriller. Brubaker and Phillips have not just established a series but constructed a world, with endless possibilities and deep, unpredictable personalities. The book’s dreamlike, never-na...

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the nightwings review for the incredible hercules 1

Okay, I give up – Incredible Hercules is now the best book Marvel publishes. Why argue with the strongest man in history? When writers Greg Pak and Fred Van Lente continued the “World War Hulk” storyline with two of its supporting characters as the Incredible Hulk headliner deserted his own book, they extended a frontline franchise that had become an overnight oddity; with uncommon wit and literally classic chops they’ve just as quickly made a defiantly marginal concept a mainstream must-read. T...

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5 star but not the best. 0

As if unleashing a mighty river, changing a centuries-old course and washing away a dry and deadened era, Siegel & Shuster’s Superman led the giddy onrush of American pop culture’s real-life – and humanity’s imagined – next evolutionary step. These were characters whose costumes were more colorful than the Depression and whose physics-defying strength and flight was intrinsically liberated from the shadow of totalitarianism. Superman got boring when he came to be synonymous with an establish...

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"Hell-Bent & Heaven-Bound, Part Three" recomened 0

Every month Jason Aaron achieves new depth (in both senses) for the medium in his uncompromisingly literary, relentlessly squalid Native American mob saga Scalped at Vertigo, so I had to see how he’d crash a stolen Cadillac through the mainstream storefront window at Marvel. While his Wolverine is state-of-the-art but nothing new, his Ghost Rider is a mad masterwork – it’s as if they turned Gilbert Shelton loose on Hellboy. Shadowed omens and pseudo-solemnity are all well and good for your basic...

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not very good comic book!!! 0

For a book about youth and impulsiveness, Spider-Girl sure is a lesson in longevity and wisdom. Limited runs drive the market these days — not just miniseries in an industry where boundaries have to be set for short attention spans and fickle finances, but also at-most yearlong turns by any one creative team on books that go forever, so as to give packagability to graphic novels and rotate the market magic of successful teams to other titles. This can give a satisfying artistic completeness to t...

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