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animated nightwing

Nightwing from The New Batman Adventures. Art by Bruce Timm.Dick Grayson appears as Nightwing in The New Batman Adventures, voiced by actor Loren Lester, the actor who had voiced Grayson as Robin in Batman: The Animated Series. Dick Grayson first appears in the end of the episode "Sins of the Father." Bruce, Barbara and Alfred react to the grown up crime fighter as Dick remarks "Hey, you can't stay a boy wonder forever." In "You Scratch My Back," Nightwing makes his full episode debut, and finds an unlikely ally in Catwoman in trying to expose a South American gun smuggling operation into Gotham City. This episode highlights Nightwing, hints at his relationship with Barbara and illustrates his tense relationship with Batman. The episode also contains a sequence - showing Nightwing in his loft headquarters and charging into the night on his motorcycle as his theme music plays... culminating in a shot where he stands silhouetted against the moon. The episode "Old Wounds" explains that Grayson, as Robin, fought with Batman over the latter's controlling nature and what the former saw as an unnecessarily harsh approach, causing Grayson to leave Gotham as a result. However, he returns years later as Nightwing. Although he works with Batman several times during the course of the series, he never fully reconciles with his former mentor. Nightwing also appears in series episodes Joker's Millions, Over The Edge, Animal Act, and Chemistry.

In the television series Batman Beyond, which is set many years in the future, the Nightwing uniform (or at least one copy of it) still hangs in the Batcave. Terry McGinnis (the new Batman) borrows the mask from that costume in the episode "Lost Soul," when the Batsuit is reprogrammed with the personality of a dead businessman. In Batman Beyond: Return of the Joker, McGinnis asks Commissioner Barbara Gordon (the former Batgirl) if all of the original Batman's associates were bitter when they left. She replies "...look up Nightwing someday. Has he got stories," implying that he is still alive and using the identity in the timeframe of the series.