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Batman Inc. Prediction

There is not much to say about Batman that everyone does not know. He is the Dark Knight, the peek of human perfection and one of the greatest minds of the DC universe. Over the years he has gone through countless changes since he first hit comics. For a long time he was considered an urban myth to the criminals of Gotham. However he has been stepping into the limelight more often due to the world's need for him.  
Following the "death" of Batman in Final Crisis, Grant Morrison has taken on us on a while adventure. I wont go into any details about them as you have probably read them by now.   But the biggest change to his dynamic is Batman Inc. After Batman's return he decides to branch out his playing feild, because he realizes that everyone needs fear and the worlds needs Batman. So his plan starts with announcing as Bruce Wayne, that he is funding Batman and wants to recruit country to country. Now for my prediction of what I personally beleive will occur: 
When Batman was considered to be dead, the Bat-Family changed quite dramatically.  

  • Dick Grayson became Batman handling Gotham City
  • Damien Wayne became Robin and Grayson's sidekick
  • Tim Wayne, the previous robin left to search for Batman, taking on a new identity as Red Robin. 
  • Barbara Gordon became the mentor of Batgirl cassandra cain
  • Superman started his new journey to being in touch with society as well as coping with the death of his best friend. 
Following his return and his beginning he has let everything currently stay the same. So far he has recruited Batmen of China and France. After his journey and having a Batman in every country i think he will reletively go back to how it was before but with modifications.  
  • Batman will return and handle Gotham City as he as aways done. However he will face new responsibilities. One, is the managing of Batman Inc. Many people often think that this will no longer make Batman unique anymore. However alongside the Justice League, Batman has managed The Outsiders for years making sure their values no longer change. Although because Batman Inc is much larger i think he will continue to have Afred manage Outsiders and have Katana lead like he said in The Road Home. This will give Bruce the focus to see to it that his Batmen are following orders while being watched. Another issue that has come up is how can he watch what every single Batman is doing all around the world? I think he will use the technology that was introduced in the introduction of Batman Inc. First is internet 3.0 giving him access to the entire World where he can watch and hack into every database imaginable. Second are his radio controlled Batbots that can basically go  to areas where he cant always be. Despite all this , i think this will take merely just a portion of subject matter in future comics with the focus of him still being the Batman everyone knows and loves. 
  • Dick and Damien I beleive will stay as Batman and Robin but perhaps move to Bhudhthaven (Nightwing's original city) or even move to another country. The Duo do not seem to have any other important emotional attachments. I also think they would do a majority of the training of the different batmen. Right now Dick is the Batman of the ongoing titles since 1939 while Bruce is residing only in Batman Inc.  After his recruitment finishes i am pretty sure he will return to his original Batman titles while Dick and Damien stay in their Batman and Robin Reborn titles. 
  • Tim Wayne I beleive will stay as Red Robin but be Bruce Wayne's sidekick. Also, now that he has grown i think he will handle quite a large load of Wayne Enterprises being the legal owner of the company. 
  • Oracle will return and manage the watch over Internet 3.0 and be Batgirl once again but in the virtual world. With technology increasing this could enhance her character as truly being one with technology. 
  • As for the Justice League, they have currently been reformed with Dick Grayson, Donna Troy and Conner Kent. I think Hal Jordan being one of the founding members of the previous leaugue will lead the reformed league. Also a new leaugue might start with Bruce , Clark and Diana dealing with more intergalactic situations than the reformed league.