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Wonder Woman, Bekka of the new gods, has to rescue her friend Steve Trevor from the terrorist group Kobra.The GoodThis episode is un-like the others that came before it, in a good-way. I light-hearted and dear I say it – fun. The previous two animations very good, but very – very dark, which is fine. But this episode is just a funny action packed story. It may not have as much substance as the other ones but it’s a nice break from the others.Wonder Woman’s powers and abil...

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Gods and Monster Chronicles - Bomb 0

When Brainiac gets loose on Metropolis, it’s up to Superman, the son of Zod to stop him.The GoodThe characters, designs and all were really good in this short. I was cool to see Amanda Waller and Dr. Sivana in it, and nicer to see Amanda back to her original design. The changes were interesting; making Amanda Waller president was a cool twist though I’m not sure how Dr. Sivana fits into it. Hopefully that will be explained further in the movie.The Brainiac twist was great and very sa...

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Short and Sweet? 3

In a dark alternate world, Harley Quinn faces off against the Batman – but he’s not what she is expectingThe Good The animation for Batman, and the environment is very nice and gives off creepy feel that does fit the different universe it is set in. It’s a nice blend of the Timm-verse animation with the current DC-animated movie style. The fighting in Harley Quinn’s room was pretty cool and the dialogue she had was quite funny, though Batman’s final line was by far ...

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Marvel strikes gold... again. 2

Favorite quote the episode "Besides - she'll out-live us anyway."The Good -Let me start of by saying -I'm not a fan of the Netflix formula. Yes, I can see why other people enjoy it. But personally I don't like how they release all the episodes at once. I think it takes away a large amount of tension by not having cliffhangers and breaks between the episodes to get your more excited. It also makes it harder to avoid spoilers. And as someone who has no time to watch all episodes at once it is ver...

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The man with a fear. 0

I love Mark Waid's run on Daredevil. And this is a good reason why. There is ACTION plus DRAMA plus GREAT ART plus GREAT WRITING. I'm not a big fan of the SSM crossover but it's a great issue all the same. And the Shocking ending leaves me wondering where he's going to lead the arc.Of course he wont kill Foggy. Who could kill likeable old Foggy?...

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