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DC Zombies: Red Tornado Part Two

The farmer family took their car and started driving to Dansbury Village. Their red protector soared through the skies above them. The little girl of the family couldn’t stop looking out the car window, adoring her savior. Red Tornado’s head was spinning with thoughts, though none of them concerned the family in the car, his thoughts concerned his friends, his fallen friends and those about to fall.

”Why is he just flying around up there, dad?” the girl said to her father.

”I can understand this situation isn’t easy on him, he usual is accompanied by his friends. This situation isn’t easy for anyone.” he responded while driving past a sign saying ”Welcome to Dansbury Village”.

Red Tornado noticed the sign and saw houses on the ground. He quickly flew down on the town square before the family arrived. Silently he searched the town with his eyes. None of the inhabitants seemed infected in any way, but he notices something he rarely sees, something he only heard about. Dansbury Village was an amish village, infact he was the only thing of technological kind except the familiy’s car.

”You never told me this was an amish village.” Red Tornado said calmly when the father of the family arrived next to him.

”I never though it would matter. Why does it?”

”It doesn’t. Not for me, but the amish might have a problem realising there’s a zombie threat, or that I am here to help. I’m not even sure they know who I am or anyone in the superhero community are.”

”Don’t worry, Mr. Tornado. Who can be afraid of you?” the girl said and grabbed Red Tornado’s left hand and dragged him further into town.

A man emerged from the town hall’s entrance, he wore black and white clothes and had beard from ear to ear. While he approach this friendly looking, non-infected looking man he couldn’t help to remember a foe of Batman with a similar beard.

”Welcome, Red Knight! I am the town mayor and I want welcome you to Dansbury Village!” the mayor said loudly and shook Red Tornado’s other hand.

”Red Knight?”

”Yes, our prayers have been answered. The lord sent us one of his angels, wearing the color red, to heal our ill citizen.”

”What kind of sickness is troubling your town?” he asked, playing along.

”I will take you to him.” the mayor said and waved his hand meaning Red Tornado would come with.

”Wait here.” he said to the girl.

In a small house entitled Medical Hut the mayor stopped.

”In the Medical Hut lies a man with terrible skin flaws and unimaginable hallucinations. We had to strap him to his bed so he wouldn’t take a bite of the nurse.”

”That doesn’t sound good.” Red Tornado calmly said while quickly walking into the hut, knowing exactly what was going on.

Red Tornado bursted into the hut and found himself in the same room as the infected.

”Oh my...” the nurse said when the unusual looking android appeared in the doorway.

”I’m here to help. Tell me what happened to this man.”

”Oh, we know very little. He was a handyman and used to help around the village for a small fee. One day he started wrecking things instead of fixing them. We brought him in and noticed his skin changing to this awful green color and he started to get violent. When we realised the devil was possessing this poor man we started praying.”

”It may not be the devil, but something else.” Red Tornado said and he walked to the sleeping man.

Red Tornado recognised a zombie when he saw one, but this one was not as obvious as the others he had fought. This one was ”less” infected than the rest. One of the reasons to this was his skin still having quiet small ressemblance to the human skin and he slept, Red Tornado had never seen a zombie sleep before. He did not know what to do.

Suddenly the man woke, he turned his had to Red Tornado and took an aggressive bite on Red Tornado’s finger. The nurse uttered a loud scream. He reacted very quickly and ripped the man from his bed and summoned a wind that brought down the wall. Then he flew off with the infected man, away from the town.

”Oh my... We will have to fix the wall, but our handyman was just kidnapped.” the mayor said when he saw the wall in pieces.

To be continued...