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DC Zombies: Red Tornado Part One

The characters are property of DC Comics. I rate this “T”.

Since the zombie break-out started in Gotham City, it has been unknown how many Americans have been infected. With some heroes dead the problem escalates. Only a hand full of heroes are immune but one special is, and he as sworn to repel the spreading of the virus.

“Current location: Idaho, east. I have managed to repel some of the recent attacks on the north-west American soil. Though some villages have turned into ghost towns or have been burnt down due to the rampaging zombies.”

Red Tornado flew high up in the sky to try and not attract attention. His body had scratches and his cape was torn, but he still kept flying. He had flown for hours, searching for signs of the infected but did not find any, barely any non-infected. But still he knew he was needed so he flew further to the east, to Idaho where he calculated attacks would erupt further.

“Though the day has been quiet, as though the world ended, I spot a thick stream of smoke growing wider in the horizon.” Red Tornado recorded as he raised the power of his tornadoes to pick up speed.

In a matter of a few minutes he reaches a farm with a barn set on fire. Even if he doesn't know if this was caused by the virus or just a coincidence he quickly fired of a strong gust, strong enough to make some of the flames dispatch.

“If I can’t put out the fire fast enough the strong light might attract the infected!” he thought as he fired of two more gusts that put out the fire for good. “I must look for the owners in order to get a clear view of the reason of the fire.”

He landed with heavy thud on the ground and started walking towards the half burnt down barn. Most of the red color was burnt off from the barn. When reaching the barn doors he opened them with loud screeching sound. What he thought he would find was hay, tools, maybe a carriage, but this was something else.

“ZOMBIES!” Red Tornado screamed, as one of the infected citizens in the barn attacked him. He blasted him away, possibly four hundred meters, though he brought a piece of Red Tornado’s cape with him.

They were swift but silent, one after one they ran out of barn and one after one they started lashing out on the android while he himself tried keeping up to their pace. Though the android is made of metal he still felt disgusted when he saw the men, women and children he blasted with gusts to survive. Their frail and rotten bodies were ripped in half in the harsh wind conditions he created.

“Back! You come no further!” the android screamed at the dead.

While he battled the horde with his rampaging whirlwinds his mind spun with an equal rate. He could not for the life of him understand why the zombies would set themselves on fire. Tired and even more scratched, he managed to whirl the last zombie into the barn door that wasn’t burnt. Slowly he moved towards the house a couple of hundred meters from the barn. He took it slow so that he wouldn’t be ambushed by more zombies in hiding. When reaching the house he started looking for trouble or survivors. While looking around the house he found a red basement door which he opened up with a swift move.

“Are… are they gone, Mr. Tornado?”

“I took care of them, little girl. You and your family can come up now.” Red Tornado said to the girl who was hiding with her family.

“I can’t thank you enough, Tornado.” The girl’s father said when the family emerged from the basement.

“It is my job, sir. Do you have any idea why they set the barn on fire?”

“Well, that was me. I managed to lure them into the barn and then I put it aflame. Figured it would take them out but the way you did it was obviously faster. If it weren’t for you they would raid Dansbury Village by now!”

“Is it far from here?”

“Just a few miles to the west.”

“I would suggest you to head there as fast as possible, if it’s safe. The infected probably hasn’t gotten that far yet. I will come with you.” The android said before quickly flying up in the sky.

To be continued…

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