Characters we've seen in All New All Different Marvel Covers

Let me know if I missed someone so I can add them to this list :)

I didn't Include the Illuminati and Villains-sorry

People from the Illuminati Cover-I'm not sure if they are villains here-Human Fly,Tiger Shark,Black Talon,Jack O Lantern

No Comic Vine Pages for:

Aerolite-Guardians of Infinity

Alhazen-Guardians of Infinity

Blade-New Female Blade


Masacre-Deadpool 3.1 Tres Punto Uno Mexican Deadpool

Moon Girl-Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur

Old Man Clint Barton and Old (wo)man??Old Girl??? Kate Bishop

Spider-Man UK - Web Warriors

Stella Nega-Guardians of Infinity

Possibly X-Man.Not quite confirmed

Gwenpool-Gwenpool :P

Godess Hekate

Emerald Warlock-Uncanny Avengers (unknown if he is a villain)

Avengers of 20XX (unknown if they are villains)

All New All Different Falcon (unknown if he is a villain)

List items