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I'm a big fan of DC and Valiant comics, especially DC's Rebirth and X-O Manowar. Currently getting back into the wildstorm universe with Warren Ellis' 'The Wild Storm'. Also looking forward to seeing young justice: outsiders as well as Michael Bendis' upcoming Young Justice dcu comic. I grew up with Young Justice volume 1 as it was the first comic that introduced me to the superhero world and for that reason it will always hold a special place in my heart. Loving the Animated Justice League movies as well and am looking forward to reign of the supermen featuring my boy Conner! It's definitely an exciting time for comics, comic fans and the comic genre with some amazing stories from my favourite publishers and I'm enjoying the ride!!!

Also not a fan of the DCEU but am loving the MCU despite being a hardcore DC fan.

Mitch Gerads and Tom King's 'Mister Miracle' is a must read for any comic fan. Winner of two eisner awards and is on it's way to becoming a modern classic.

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