DC or Marvel? That Is the Question!

DC or Marvel? This is the question that every comic fan asks one another. Usually they have a preference for one over the other but sometimes they don’t prefer either. When I am asked this question, my answer is always DC. I really like Marvel too but if I had to put all of my money into books from one side or another, it would most definitely be DC’s side (pretty much is already that way).

My pull list today consists of 19 books (maybe 20 we’ll see) and 16 of them are DC, counting the Wake, and only two of those being Marvel. The last is Saga but come on now that book is awesome. My pull consists of so much DC for two reasons, the majority of the books are only 2.99 and they ship only once a month so I can afford it. Being a broke college kid that loves to read comics, I have to be able to keep my pull at a manageable level with how much I spend per month and Marvel will double ship 3.99 books and that kills me. The price to read one double shipped Marvel book is the same price as almost three DC 2.99 books that are just as good if not better. I love many Marvel characters but I can’t afford to spend my money on them especially when I can get DC characters that I love the same, if not more, for a much better price. The only two books I get from Marvel currently are 2.99 titles that come out once a month, Daredevil and FF. Daredevil I would pay 3.99 for because that book is amazing every single month! FF is a great title as well, it is just straight fun. I just recently dropped Fantastic Four but I think I might pick it up of the shelves on light weeks since it is only 2.99 also and has the potential of tying in with FF very soon.

In my opinion, I also think DC puts out much better quality books. When I look at DC, I see a company reviving or stepping up characters that were forgotten or simply not cared about, and putting out extremely good stories for them. Aquaman has been one of DCs most consistent titles since the New 52 launched. The Flash has been amazing as well and not to forget the revival of Green Arrow by Jeff Lemire and the amazing run that Gail Simone is having on Batgirl right now. When I look at Marvel, I simply just do not see that kind of quality. I have tried numerous Marvel titles but the quality I feel I am getting for the price is just not what I would expect. I recently dropped Superior Spider-Man because I was getting sick of all the buildup and mediocre stories I was getting that were going nowhere. Dan Slott has been teasing with the Green Goblin since early on and continued to tease for several issues and it just pissed me off so I dropped it. With that drop I was able to add 3 DC titles and stay within budget, get more stories, and be happier. I tried Avengers, New Avengers, All-New X-Men, and a few others but I just couldn’t get into them. DC has the titles right now that grab me the most.

When it comes to back issues I am split completely down the middle with the both big companies. If you watch or have watched my most recent collection video, you can see how my back issue collecting ways are split down the middle. I was working heavily on completing the entire run of the original Defenders series and have almost completed it but have recently slowed down due to how hard it is to find the remaining issues and the price they go for when I try to get them. I recently picked up a huge chunk of Green Arrow issues from volume one and two, and by huge I mean 85 issues worth between the two volumes. I always pick up Batman back issues when I see them and that collection is growing quite fast as well. I keep a note book with all the titles I want to try to collect and it is split pretty much down the middle for DC and Marvel. As much as I love the DC characters and titles, Marvel had some of the best silver and bronze age books. I want to collect full series of Amazing Spider-man, Hulk, Daredevil, Fantastic Four, and so many more to go along with my obvious DC titles of Batman, Detective, Flash, Teen Titans and so on. I absolutely love the hunt of finding deals on back issues. I have been focusing more on my DC back issues lately but I seem to vary back and forth between titles.

If you made it this far I thank so much for reading and just want to reassure that all this is based in my opinion and I have no problems with varying opinions. I love comics and general, and I enjoy both companies but my go to company is DC. Thanks again!