Hulk Rants: Michael Bay

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Today, Hulk Rants on...Michael Bay.

Now, Hulk know what you're thinking: "Oh yeah, Incredible Hulk's going to mess him up good."


Hulk have a problem with you guys that hate on Michael Bay to such extremes. There are some people, specifically on Youtube, who go as far as to say that they want Michael Bay dead. Some say he's the Anti-Christ. Hulk seen it with his own eyes. Hulk think that's messed up.

Look, it's OK to hate someone's movie, or hate the director for making said movies. But, what's not OK is going so far to say that you want that director dead. Is it really a crime to make a fun action film? Is it illegal in your eyes to make a big-budget destruction fest? Michael Bay has received tons of hate from Transformers fans, who say that Michael Bay has destroyed the franchise.

Hulk personally think Michael Bay SAVED the Transformers franchise. Prior to 2007, during the 2000's era, Hulk hear Transformers weren't that popular at the time. The first Transformers movie brought in big money and managed to create new legions of Transformers fans, including Hulk. At least unlike some adapatations that seem to get hate, Michael Bay seemed to get the concept: Giant robots of 2 factions kick the s**t out of each other and turn into vehicles. That's what we got in all 3 movies. Hulk just think people seem to expect Shakespeare.

This guy, the Antichrist? Please.
This guy, the Antichrist? Please.

Granted Pearl Harbor sucked, but Michael Bay also gets hate because people think he's directing the upcoming Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie. Hulk think people need to do some research. Michael Bay isn't directing it. He's only producing it. The director of TMNT 2014 is Johnathan Liebsman, who did Wrath of the Titans. Plus, good news. Reports say the Turtles aren't aliens anymore. They're mutants again.

Now, Hulk want to hear from you. What is your favorite Michael Bay film and why? Tell Hulk in the comments below.