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Maybe it's because of the formula but I'm burnt out of SpiderMan movies.. I legitimately loved Garfield's take on Ultimate SpiderMan and his chemistry with Emma as Gwen.. That being said the movies were hounded with flaws by Sony

Now I'm skeptical but this trailer doesn't do it for me. Holland will be fine but it seems their cashing it in on Stark. Peter casually letting his identity go is ehh.. The whole thing is what we've seen before

It's really disheartening to see YouTube comments go "well he's always been a teenager" it's like they're read the 60's comics(even then he progressed rather quickly to college) and think he's all about being a teenager and high school drama when that's not true.. It's like they never thought he grew up and became an adult

I will say that I do like the web wings though and hopefully the action blends Tobey's version(more brawler style) with Garfield's version(more agile spider like movements like crawling over the lizard covering him with webbing)