Um gosh I am new to this. So uh my name is GameMasterShaun, I live in South Africa and I love playing video games

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My thoughts on the character, Goku

I will be reviewing Goku. Goku has a personality that is typical of a normal hero, he is brave, courageous, powerful and generally good-hearted. He has saved the world many times from enemies like Frieza and Buu. He also is carefree and lives for battle. He trains very hard and strives to get stronger and stronger. Despite the above, there are bad moments such as:

1. Sparing Frieza - Even though Frieza killed his best friend and nearly killed Piccolo, he just couldn't bring himself to kill the evil tyrant and as a result, he was almost hit by Frieza's final attack.

2. Giving Cell a senzu bean - This was just pure stupidity. I know Goku believes in fairness and honour but seriously, the fate of the Earth is at stake and Goku gives Cell a senzu bean rather than letting Gohan face him and gain an advantage.

3. Throwing the Potara Earrings to Gohan rather than teleporting to him - That's just dumb.

Perhaps the worst example is in Dragon Ball Super when Goku would rather train than spend time with his family and even complained to Vegeta why he wouldn't train when Bulma was pregnant was pretty unlike him.

Aside of those bad moments, Goku is a really great character and is my favourite character in DB.

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The popular terms in this site

Ok today I'm just gonna write the popular terms that I know here and explain them because I feel like it. I will also include examples too. Here we go:

BFR(Battlefield Removal)-A move that takes out an opponent completely.


1. Kakashi's Kamui

Bump-To bump means to respond to a post against the rules I guess.

1. SSJ2 Goku vs Superman


Bloodlusted-A person who is bloodlusted is someone who uses all his power to destroy an opponent. Doesn't care about morals and doesn't care about anyone. His main purpose is destroying an opponent.


1. A normal Goku will fight normally and go easy on his opponents before he gets starts serious. A bloodlusted Goku on the other hand, will immediately transform into his strongest form and go after the opponent without caring about morals and others and will do what he can to destroy his opponent even if it means destroying the planet.

2. A normal Superman would go easy on his opponents and try to knock them out but a bloodlusted Superman will immediately attack the opponent and either send them into the sun or destroy them with a heat vision

In-Character-The usual personality and behavior of someone.


1. Vegeta in-character is confident and serious

2. Batman in-character is calm, logical and smart

Curbstomp-A even more worse stomp.

1. Goku vs Usopp

One-shot-To defeat an opponent with only one move.


1. Truth Seeking Balls completely destroys an opponent and those with regeneration like Buu can survive it.

Overkill-The act of doing something much more than necessary.


1. Vegito Blue vs Piccolo

Vegito is too much for Piccolo and he can be easily killed.

ROTFStomp-A type of stomping that is so bad that the outcome is hillarious.


1. Saiyan Saga Vegeta vs Raditz

Vegeta's power level is 18000 while Raditz is 1,300.

Mismatch-A match that is not worth watching because you already know the outcome of the match due to power difference or skill difference whichever it is. Obvious win.


1. Goku vs Luffy

This is a mismatch because Goku is much much more powerful than Luffy and Goku would obviously win.

Stomp-To completely overpower someone because your power is way above the opponents.


SSJ Vegito vs Ultimate Gohan

Although Gohan is very powerful, Vegito's power is on a whole new level to the point that he can beat Gohan in a few hits.

Spite match-A match that is made for the sole purpose to see one person lose due to a dislike for them.


1. Beerus vs Naruto

This match is an overkill but you still post it because you want to see Naruto lose due to a dislike for him. Some Naruto haters like to post spite matches.

Solo-To complete a task by yourself


1. Goku alone is able to destroy The Strawhat Pirates and the rest of the Z-Fighters aren't needed.

Tank-To take a move or an attack.


1. Vegeta tanks a kamehameha from Goku and survives it.