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Favorite Current Series

I present my favorite current ongoing series.

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  • Seriously, I love this. SOOOO much. I started once the second volume was on its second printing and I am caught up and it is just killer. Also, Prince Robot is my favorite character ever.

  • I really really enjoy Jonathan Hickman's work on this title and Dragotta's art is phenomenal. I get confused sometimes but hey its awesome.

  • Just love this so much. Don't know if its because of the father-son dynamic I can semi-relate too or just that its real good. Love it.

  • Okay, I love this series, simply because of all the things it has the potential to be and the different areas it can touch with the kings the team contains. Plus, Black Bolt.

  • Lemire and Co. are really kicking butt on this series. I am very excited for whats to come and the mystery behind the Island is heating up. The art is amazing.

  • I like the idea of alternate versions of characters and this book is the definition of it. I like the mix of the JSA members with known JL members in this Earth. Love me some Dr. Fate.

  • Love this, wasn't that big of a Turtle fan but I have most of the issues for this series and everything has been falling into place. Although I am super curious as to what will happen after City Fall.

  • I enjoyed volume one, yes I did. Visually this book has been incredible. Volume two was lackluster and I have yet to read Throne of Atlantis(torn between Aquaman or JL volume, I need an Aquaman volume on my bookshelf) and I enjoyed trinity war. Really liking Forever Evil so we'll see.