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What was the point of Age of Ultron?

Well, recently some comic book fans were bamboozled into purchasing Marvel's most recent Event; Age of Ultron. I decided to purchase this because I love Ultron, I wanted to get the foil-plated issue number one, and finally I wanted to see how the Avenger's got destroyed by Ultron (at last).

However the story to me, and to many others proved to be a letdown. Ultron appeared in less than one issue and certain plot elements that were introduced in the earlier issues were forgotten once the story began to get more and more involved in the time-travel bit. Wolverine stole the show as he became more and more a central character in the story. The "present" timeline was converted to a different team once the first time jump occurred and what happened was a complete alternate earth, with Iron Man and Morgan Le Fey as the leaders of two separate nations(?). Then with the first wolverine traveling back in time to stop himself from causing the new timeline, it got real confusing as it had been mentioned in prior arcs or stories that Time-Travel was a dangerous thing and that you couldn't directly alternate a time-line due to the cause of an alternate earth. So let me get to my point, what if there was no exact way to show the Avengers getting out of this without messing up with the time stream and causing Galactus to go to the Ultimate Universe, or Spidey 2099 to Earth 616 or the current story line in Indestructible Hulk: "Agent of T.I.M.E".

Yeah, what if Bendis created this "Epic" storyline to show us that if Ultron was to ever conquer the Earth no matter the method, no one would be able to fix it without causing so much collateral damage. Everyone was going to wind up dead and that is what I believe that Bendis was trying to show, that no amount of planning would be able to solve the Avengers predicament.