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Superman/Wonder Woman/ Batman movie idea

Well as you all know, Gal Gadot has been cast to portray the character of Wonder Woman in the tentatively titled Batman vs. Superman. The film also stars Henry Cavil as Superman and Ben Affleck as Batman. No plot details are known as of now, and no villains have been confirmed.

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Rumor has Doomsday appearing, and that Lex Luthor will most likely be the main foe. But will WB/DC introduce Doomsday to a Superman that has just begun his career and whose public reception is unknown to say the least. My thoughts? The Superman/Batman stories might be getting adapted. Yes, I am saying “The Supergirl from Krypton” and “Public Enemies” will be at least what this film might be based on.

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In Man Of Steel, we were given an Easter egg about Supergirl, even a prequel comic to the movie about Supergirl. Why would this be thrown in there? Fan Service? Or maybe a bigger idea? I vote for the latter. Let me explain how I think that this is relative to the story of the movie, well at least my speculation of the film, in the Supergirl story that was a part of the Superman/Batman series introduced the character of Supergirl (duh!) and showed how Wonder Woman and Batman were concerned about Kara, and take her to Themyscira to train. Here is when the Doomsday rumor connects, while at Themyscira Darkseid sends in Doomsday clones to distract the three heroes and abduct Kara. In Man of Steel, Metropolis is ruined. Most likely Lex Luthor will be in charge of the reconstruction with the help of (most likely) Bruce Wayne. This will most likely result in an attempt to antagonize Superman even more to the public. Here is where the similarities to “Public Enemies” start. Batman and Superman will both make attempts to stop Luthor.

Now my theory is that the film will be a mix of this, either involving Supergirl (too hopeful?) and Lex Luthor controlling maybe Doomsday clones if that rumor is true. If there are any hints towards Apokolips and Darkseid they will most likely lead into a Justice League film. Personally without these rumors factoring in I would love to see Parasite or Metallo alongside Luthor.