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My weird experience and my rant.

Let me start off by saying I don't like discussing about my life over the internet alot, but I am irritated.

Today during Cross Country practice I was told by my coach to approach him and one of my teammates. He began asking me questions about what I thought of her and what I think she thinks of me. My response was that I don't think she think's I am a nice person due to the fact that I said earlier that I wouldn't date her since she is not my type(you know those stereotypical girls that are obnoxiously loud just to get attention). Here comes the interesting part, she told me she dislikes me. I apparently made a joke that she found rude, here it is

Her: Hey I left the food here and now ants are here.*shouts to the guys* hey you guys should be picking this up since you guys are guys

*Guys Protesting*

Me: Well, woman wanted equality so why not just pick it up yourself?

That was all I said that day. I am a quite guy especially during practice time. I don't see why that happened but I guess I offended her. Not my attention but at the same time I also think that it is a bit of an over-exaggeration. I guess that's just High School.

On the bright side I am getting Saga Vol. 2 tomorrow :)