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My two cents on Current Events in Comics.

As most of you know DC, Marvel and a title in IDW are going through game-changing events. While the common complaint is “event-fatigue” it certainly does not reflect on the sales chart.

At Marvel, the entire universe is pretty much going through the challenge of the Builders and Thanos. With the majority of the Avengers in space defending the earth from the builders the illuminati aka Black Bolt, Black Panther, Dr. Strange, Beast, Namor, and Iron Man defending the earth from Thanos and the Black Order. I am absolutely LOVING this story. From the very beginning of Hickman’s run both Avengers and New Avengers have led to these events. The fallout of Namor’s attack on Wakanda during AVX and showing how it plays out here is incredible. New Avengers is a much more political title and it is great to see that in a comic book. Avengers, I jumped on to once Infinity started because after the first issue I wasn’t entirely sold on it, but although it has been a tad more boring than the other two titles it is still showing an epic story. The past two issues of Infinity have been superb, making Black Bolt and the Inhumans a central piece of the story was a great way to make the group relevant now. I like the overall mystery of Thane and how it will play into Inhumanity. I can say that I will definitely buy the hardcover for this.

DC just began their universe wide event, which has started off strong. I love the way the story is being told, we don’t know how the Justice League ‘died’ but we are beginning to get hints. Having Lex Luthor as the “hero” of the piece is also a plus. The art although a bit shaky at times, goes with the story since it’s about the villains. I love the characters of the Crime Syndicate, specifically the interactions of Johnny Quick and Atomica. I am definitely excited to read the rest of the event plus most of the tie-ins, Suicide Squad seems to play a minor role in it after reading #24 and Forever Evil: Arkham War and Rogues Rebellion seem to be awesome side-stories. As more pieces to the puzzle get added with the Justice League Titles coming out, I hope this event doesn’t fall flat.

Over at IDW we have the amazing Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles facing “City Fall”. Now that I am more than halfway caught up to the series, I am seeing how this event has been planned since the cities inception. All the little hints in Volumes 1-3 make so much more sense, and wow this story is amazing. The art is beautiful and the writing is fantastic. I am pretty much a newbie when it comes to the Turtles but I already feel as if I have known these characters all my life. I am very much loving city fall and since I did not read the Hun Micro I am really wondering how someone got so buff. But I can’t wait, Dark Leo is the boss!

Overall I am really loving everything going on and can’t wait for Unity next month. Lights out and Battle of the Atom as crossovers are doing incredibly well so far so it’s awesome to be a comic book reader.