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My top 5 Story Arcs/TPB

Here is a list of my top 5 stories that I have read.

When Loeb is good he is VERY good. This was the first comic book I ever read and still stands as my favorite story of all time. The way that characters are depicted, especially Hush and the Riddler was simply incredible and with the resurrection of Jason Todd and Hush being all manipulative. It makes it the best for me. As usual Jim Lee is too good.

I wasn't a big fan of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles until I began reading the monthly comic book by IDW. I found the first issue free on Comixology and well at the recommendation of @ccraft(whom I thank greatly) I got really into it and really am enjoying City Fall. Plus the art is fantastic!

Need I say anything? I know many dislike Geoff Johns but I think this is a great story and Ivan Reis is just a great artist.

I thought this was the perfect example to show how Tony Stark and Steve Rogers differ, is what I thought was really well written by Millar. The way Cap beats up Iron Man is cool .

Following "Planet Hulk" this story had a lot going for it and it sure delivered. Apart from being filled with action that involved Hulk beating the crap out of everyone it did make me feel sorry for the Hulk. It made me like the Hulk.