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My 5 Favorite Heroes in Comics

So, I decided to compile a list of my favorite heroes across the Big 2;

1. Ant-Man

Being one of the world's geniuses doesn't sound like a big thing when the other geniuses are rulers of a nation, or turn into a giant green rage monster. However to me at least, being an expert in Biochemistry and having psychological problems is very interesting. Hank is probably one of the most underrated characters in all of comics due to his title as Ant-Man. His love for Janet is truly genuine and well he is just a badass.


Well I have grown up with Spider-Man my whole life, from the 90's cartoon to the Spectacular Spider-Man I can relate to Peter Parker with the exception of the whole Super Power bit. He seems to be the character that life decides to treat bad and has real life problems that others can relate too.


So, I recently read Kingdom Come and damn. The characterization of the iconic character is just pure genius, he is the "Man of Tomorrow" not because of his amazing power set but because of his morals and that someday people will be able to stick to those values.

4. The Flash

Barry Allen. The Flash. He became a police officer to make sure that he would be able to get his dad out of jail because he believes that his dad was wrongly accused for the death of his mother. This alone settles this part.

5. Black Bolt

The Inhuman King, because having a voice that destroys everything is simply awesome.