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Superman/Wonder Woman/ Batman movie idea

Well as you all know, Gal Gadot has been cast to portray the character of Wonder Woman in the tentatively titled Batman vs. Superman. The film also stars Henry Cavil as Superman and Ben Affleck as Batman. No plot details are known as of now, and no villains have been confirmed.

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Rumor has Doomsday appearing, and that Lex Luthor will most likely be the main foe. But will WB/DC introduce Doomsday to a Superman that has just begun his career and whose public reception is unknown to say the least. My thoughts? The Superman/Batman stories might be getting adapted. Yes, I am saying “The Supergirl from Krypton” and “Public Enemies” will be at least what this film might be based on.

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In Man Of Steel, we were given an Easter egg about Supergirl, even a prequel comic to the movie about Supergirl. Why would this be thrown in there? Fan Service? Or maybe a bigger idea? I vote for the latter. Let me explain how I think that this is relative to the story of the movie, well at least my speculation of the film, in the Supergirl story that was a part of the Superman/Batman series introduced the character of Supergirl (duh!) and showed how Wonder Woman and Batman were concerned about Kara, and take her to Themyscira to train. Here is when the Doomsday rumor connects, while at Themyscira Darkseid sends in Doomsday clones to distract the three heroes and abduct Kara. In Man of Steel, Metropolis is ruined. Most likely Lex Luthor will be in charge of the reconstruction with the help of (most likely) Bruce Wayne. This will most likely result in an attempt to antagonize Superman even more to the public. Here is where the similarities to “Public Enemies” start. Batman and Superman will both make attempts to stop Luthor.

Now my theory is that the film will be a mix of this, either involving Supergirl (too hopeful?) and Lex Luthor controlling maybe Doomsday clones if that rumor is true. If there are any hints towards Apokolips and Darkseid they will most likely lead into a Justice League film. Personally without these rumors factoring in I would love to see Parasite or Metallo alongside Luthor.


My two cents on Current Events in Comics.

As most of you know DC, Marvel and a title in IDW are going through game-changing events. While the common complaint is “event-fatigue” it certainly does not reflect on the sales chart.

At Marvel, the entire universe is pretty much going through the challenge of the Builders and Thanos. With the majority of the Avengers in space defending the earth from the builders the illuminati aka Black Bolt, Black Panther, Dr. Strange, Beast, Namor, and Iron Man defending the earth from Thanos and the Black Order. I am absolutely LOVING this story. From the very beginning of Hickman’s run both Avengers and New Avengers have led to these events. The fallout of Namor’s attack on Wakanda during AVX and showing how it plays out here is incredible. New Avengers is a much more political title and it is great to see that in a comic book. Avengers, I jumped on to once Infinity started because after the first issue I wasn’t entirely sold on it, but although it has been a tad more boring than the other two titles it is still showing an epic story. The past two issues of Infinity have been superb, making Black Bolt and the Inhumans a central piece of the story was a great way to make the group relevant now. I like the overall mystery of Thane and how it will play into Inhumanity. I can say that I will definitely buy the hardcover for this.

DC just began their universe wide event, which has started off strong. I love the way the story is being told, we don’t know how the Justice League ‘died’ but we are beginning to get hints. Having Lex Luthor as the “hero” of the piece is also a plus. The art although a bit shaky at times, goes with the story since it’s about the villains. I love the characters of the Crime Syndicate, specifically the interactions of Johnny Quick and Atomica. I am definitely excited to read the rest of the event plus most of the tie-ins, Suicide Squad seems to play a minor role in it after reading #24 and Forever Evil: Arkham War and Rogues Rebellion seem to be awesome side-stories. As more pieces to the puzzle get added with the Justice League Titles coming out, I hope this event doesn’t fall flat.

Over at IDW we have the amazing Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles facing “City Fall”. Now that I am more than halfway caught up to the series, I am seeing how this event has been planned since the cities inception. All the little hints in Volumes 1-3 make so much more sense, and wow this story is amazing. The art is beautiful and the writing is fantastic. I am pretty much a newbie when it comes to the Turtles but I already feel as if I have known these characters all my life. I am very much loving city fall and since I did not read the Hun Micro I am really wondering how someone got so buff. But I can’t wait, Dark Leo is the boss!

Overall I am really loving everything going on and can’t wait for Unity next month. Lights out and Battle of the Atom as crossovers are doing incredibly well so far so it’s awesome to be a comic book reader.


My weird experience and my rant.

Let me start off by saying I don't like discussing about my life over the internet alot, but I am irritated.

Today during Cross Country practice I was told by my coach to approach him and one of my teammates. He began asking me questions about what I thought of her and what I think she thinks of me. My response was that I don't think she think's I am a nice person due to the fact that I said earlier that I wouldn't date her since she is not my type(you know those stereotypical girls that are obnoxiously loud just to get attention). Here comes the interesting part, she told me she dislikes me. I apparently made a joke that she found rude, here it is

Her: Hey I left the food here and now ants are here.*shouts to the guys* hey you guys should be picking this up since you guys are guys

*Guys Protesting*

Me: Well, woman wanted equality so why not just pick it up yourself?

That was all I said that day. I am a quite guy especially during practice time. I don't see why that happened but I guess I offended her. Not my attention but at the same time I also think that it is a bit of an over-exaggeration. I guess that's just High School.

On the bright side I am getting Saga Vol. 2 tomorrow :)


What was the point of Age of Ultron?

Well, recently some comic book fans were bamboozled into purchasing Marvel's most recent Event; Age of Ultron. I decided to purchase this because I love Ultron, I wanted to get the foil-plated issue number one, and finally I wanted to see how the Avenger's got destroyed by Ultron (at last).

However the story to me, and to many others proved to be a letdown. Ultron appeared in less than one issue and certain plot elements that were introduced in the earlier issues were forgotten once the story began to get more and more involved in the time-travel bit. Wolverine stole the show as he became more and more a central character in the story. The "present" timeline was converted to a different team once the first time jump occurred and what happened was a complete alternate earth, with Iron Man and Morgan Le Fey as the leaders of two separate nations(?). Then with the first wolverine traveling back in time to stop himself from causing the new timeline, it got real confusing as it had been mentioned in prior arcs or stories that Time-Travel was a dangerous thing and that you couldn't directly alternate a time-line due to the cause of an alternate earth. So let me get to my point, what if there was no exact way to show the Avengers getting out of this without messing up with the time stream and causing Galactus to go to the Ultimate Universe, or Spidey 2099 to Earth 616 or the current story line in Indestructible Hulk: "Agent of T.I.M.E".

Yeah, what if Bendis created this "Epic" storyline to show us that if Ultron was to ever conquer the Earth no matter the method, no one would be able to fix it without causing so much collateral damage. Everyone was going to wind up dead and that is what I believe that Bendis was trying to show, that no amount of planning would be able to solve the Avengers predicament.


My 5 Favorite Heroes in Comics

So, I decided to compile a list of my favorite heroes across the Big 2;

1. Ant-Man

Being one of the world's geniuses doesn't sound like a big thing when the other geniuses are rulers of a nation, or turn into a giant green rage monster. However to me at least, being an expert in Biochemistry and having psychological problems is very interesting. Hank is probably one of the most underrated characters in all of comics due to his title as Ant-Man. His love for Janet is truly genuine and well he is just a badass.


Well I have grown up with Spider-Man my whole life, from the 90's cartoon to the Spectacular Spider-Man I can relate to Peter Parker with the exception of the whole Super Power bit. He seems to be the character that life decides to treat bad and has real life problems that others can relate too.


So, I recently read Kingdom Come and damn. The characterization of the iconic character is just pure genius, he is the "Man of Tomorrow" not because of his amazing power set but because of his morals and that someday people will be able to stick to those values.

4. The Flash

Barry Allen. The Flash. He became a police officer to make sure that he would be able to get his dad out of jail because he believes that his dad was wrongly accused for the death of his mother. This alone settles this part.

5. Black Bolt

The Inhuman King, because having a voice that destroys everything is simply awesome.


My top 5 Story Arcs/TPB

Here is a list of my top 5 stories that I have read.

When Loeb is good he is VERY good. This was the first comic book I ever read and still stands as my favorite story of all time. The way that characters are depicted, especially Hush and the Riddler was simply incredible and with the resurrection of Jason Todd and Hush being all manipulative. It makes it the best for me. As usual Jim Lee is too good.

I wasn't a big fan of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles until I began reading the monthly comic book by IDW. I found the first issue free on Comixology and well at the recommendation of @ccraft(whom I thank greatly) I got really into it and really am enjoying City Fall. Plus the art is fantastic!

Need I say anything? I know many dislike Geoff Johns but I think this is a great story and Ivan Reis is just a great artist.

I thought this was the perfect example to show how Tony Stark and Steve Rogers differ, is what I thought was really well written by Millar. The way Cap beats up Iron Man is cool .

Following "Planet Hulk" this story had a lot going for it and it sure delivered. Apart from being filled with action that involved Hulk beating the crap out of everyone it did make me feel sorry for the Hulk. It made me like the Hulk.