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Justice League #51 3

Justice League #51 depicts Dick Grayson as Robin meeting the other members of the Justice League six months after they repelled Darksied in Justice League: Origin. Batman brings Robin to the Watchtower to assist after he is alerted of a Justice League level crisis. After briefing on the situation, the team heads to assist Superman, who has already began dealing with the invaders in Metropolis. This issue of Justice League serves mostly as a character develop story for a young Dick Grayson but i...

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Lumberjanes/Gotham Academy #1 Review 2

Lumberjanes/Gotham Academy is a limited crossover comic series featuring the cast of DC's Gotham Academy and Boom! Studio's Lumberjanes. In this first issue, the story begins with Olive and Maps discovering that Professor MacPherson is missing and upon further investigation, they find out that MacPherson's office has been ransacked. The two girls decide to roundup the rest of the members of the Detective Club and search the office. The group discovers a clue that indicates where the Professor i...

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Green Lanterns #1 Review 4

Green Lanterns #1 is a decent start to this new series featuring Lanterns Simon Baz and Jessica Cruz serving as Earth's resident Green Lanterns. The issue begins with Simon and Jessica responding to an alien alert given by their Green Lantern rings. After they reach the destination of the alert and subdue the enemy force that they encounter, the two lanterns are find something mysterious. While I did enjoy this issue, I also found it to be somewhat disappointing in several areas. The pacing fo...

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Action Comics #957 Review 4

Action Comics #957 is a great start to the Rebirth relaunch of Action Comics by Dan Jurgens. This first issue begins with the older Superman and his family are moving into their new home. Eventually they a news broadcast on TV that shows Lex Luthor has declared himself the new protector of Metropolis now that the younger Superman has died. Because of this, Superman decides to reveal himself to Metropolis and the world in order to confront Lex. From there, things escalate with a few surprise appe...

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Detective Comics #934 Review 2

Detective Comics #934 is a wonderful start to James Tynion's opening team based storyline for the new relaunch of Detective Comics. The comic starts out with Batman discovering a wounded Azrael. Batman concludes that someone has been trying to hunt down vigilantes in Gotham. Specifically, the less experienced vigilantes. This leads Batman to seek out the help of Batwoman in training these heroes to ward off the upcoming threat. This team of vigilantes that Batman requests Batwoman's help in tra...

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Superman (2016-) #1 Review 3

Superman #1 is a great start to Superman's new Rebirth comic. The story starts out with post-flashpoint Clark standing over the grave of new 52 Clark while saying his goodbyes and promising him that the legacy of Superman will continue in his absence. From there, the story moves on to show Clark's family. There is a lot of focus on, Jon, the son of Clark and Lois. While Jon gets more focus then even Clark in this issue, his story is interesting and I think there is a lot of potential with the wa...

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Wonder Woman Rebirth #1 Review 5

Wonder Woman Rebirth #1 is an interesting comic that is not for everyone. When the New 52 Wonder Woman series launched, several changes were made to the character and her mythos that were very different from previous iterations. With Wonder Woman: Rebirth #1, Greg Rucka begins to address some of these contradictions in Wonder Woman's past. The story begins with Wonder Woman narrating how her memory of certain events keeps changing. This leads her to question herself and whether or not what she k...

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Aquaman: Rebirth #1 Review 5

Aquaman: Rebirth #1 is a nice issue that serves as a prologue for Dan Abnett's upcoming story that begins in Aquaman #1. Unlike many of the other Rebirth issues that I've read so far, Aquaman Rebirth #1 excels in telling a good story that bridges the series to its Rebirth launch while being very beginner friendly. This is the type of comic that I could recommend to someone who didn't know anything about Aquaman and be confident that they would be given most of the necessary information needed ab...

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Green Lanterns: Rebirth #1 6

Green Lanterns: Rebirth #1 shows Lanterns Simon Baz and Jessica Cruz meeting for the first time. The issue also establishes why the two Lanterns will be working together in this new series. Both these Lanterns are still new to their role and learning how to fully use their lantern rings.I enjoyed this issue and liked how it set up things for Simon and Jessica to begin working with each other. I also liked how Jessica's agoraphobia was referenced as the character has come a long way since her deb...

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Superman: Rebirth #1 10

Superman: Rebirth #1 is the Rebirth issue that depicts pre-flashpoint Superman right before he decides to take the place of post flashpoint Superman. The solicitation implies that this will be an issue featuring Superman and his son but in reality, its just about Superman and how he comes to terms with the recent death of post flashpoint Superman with Jon not even making an appearance. The issue begins with pre-flashpoint Superman reflecting upon recent events while he hovers over the grave of t...

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DC Universe: Rebirth #1 1

DC Universe: Rebirth #1 is the kickoff to the upcoming DCU relaunch. Unlike many of DC's Universe altering events, Rebirth is not a reboot to the universe and serves as more of a restructuring of certain aspects and reestablishment of certain ideas in the current post flashpoint universe. Rebirth #1 is a big book for a single issue and its told over of the course several mini chapters each featuring a different artist. It works pretty well and helps with pacing of the comic book. This is a comi...

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Justice League #50 6

Justice League #50 is the conclusion to the Darksied War storyline that started in Justice League with issue #40. The storyline has really been a blast to read and Geoff Johns doesn't pull any punches with the conclusion. The story feels very much like a large mult-book event despite only taking place in Justice League.The conclusion to story brings many surprises twists that will have most likely have continous effects on the DCU in the years to come. Wonder Woman continues her narrative in thi...

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Superman: Lois and Clark #8 3

Superman: Lois and Clark is a story about the pre-flashpoint Superman and Lois Lane living in post-flashpoint universe in secret after the events of Convergence. The series was originally set to be 12 issues but it was later cut down to 8. This is most likely because of the DC Universe Rebirth event and it is somewhat evident that writer Dan Jurgens originally planned to tell a longer story. This is my favorite panel from the entire issue. This issue deals a lot Clark investigating the circumsta...

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Extraordinary X-Men: Volume 1 Review 7

I was extremely hesitant about reading Extraordinary X-Men vol. 1: X-Haven. I assumed that I'd be lost or confused with the comic because of its cast which features mutants Storm, Magik, Colossus, Nightcrawler, an old time displaced version of Wolverine, younger time displaced versions of Jean Gray and Iceman. I am extremely glad that I gave this series a chance with Extraordinary X-Men vol. 1: X-Haven because Jeff Lemire has written a very interesting and beginner friendly X-Men comic that is o...

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Sinestro #23 Review 5

Sinestro #23 marks the end of Sinestro's comic book series. When this issue was revealed to the last of series, I was worried that the ending to the comic would be abrupt and unsatisfying. To my surprise, Cullen Bunn has managed to provide ending for the series that I found extremely satisfying.Issue 23 continues where the last issue left off with Soranik Natu still adjusting to her role as the new (and temporary?) leader of the Sinestro Corps while her father recovers from his battle with the P...

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Gotham Academy #18 Review 3

When Yearbook announced, I was originally very excited for the idea of having several fun mini Gotham Academy stories in the book each month. What I failed to notice was that these mini stories would be written and drawn but different guest creative teams. The first two issues of the yearbook arc were a rather weak collection of stories but thankfully issues 16 and 17 provided a much collection of stories. Issue 18 concludes the Yearbook arc and serves as the final issue for this first series. T...

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The Death of Superman - 2013 Edition Review 14

The Death of Superman 2013 Trade paperback collects the iconic 1990s Superman story. In the story, Superman and the Justice League of America encounter a mysterious and seemingly unstoppable monster that eventually becomes known as Doomsday. For the most part, this story line is one big fight against Doomsday. Doomsday's motives and origin are never touched upon in this series story so he simply appears like a violent force of nature. The story is paced pretty well for what it is. There is a ver...

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Invincible: Volume 14: The Viltrumite War Review 6

Invincible Volume 14: The Viltrumite War collects Invincible issues 71-78. Being one of the bigger Invincible individual trade paperback, this collection contains the Vilurmite story in its entirety as well as a few pages of sketches and commentary in the back of the book. This story picks up where the last volume end; Mark Grayson's father has returned to Earth with Allen the Alien in order to enlist the help of Mark and his half brother in the coming war between the Coalition of Planets and Th...

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