The Steel Samaritan - Psychological Profile/Personality

The Herald of Hope
The Herald of Hope

A Miracleman - a unique divine being born from random chaotic fluctuations - raised by military woman Alexa Pettis, Alexis was conditioned and interred with a sense of duty to the human race. This deeply rooted sense of responsibility is owed partially to Alexa's constant comparisons of Alexis' extraordinary abilities to those of ancient legendary and divine figures responsible for heroic and courageous feats e.g. Heracles, Ajax, and so on. And it is for this reason that as a superhero, Thee Champion holds himself to standards of perfection. Despite feeling this moral obligation to the human race - a lesser race by every metric - Alexis chooses against interfering too frequently in human affairs so as not to erode mankind's self-sufficiency and independence.

Instead, the Man of Miracles intervenes only when he deems the threat or problem large enough that even man's capacity to adapt and survive is insufficient. And though his moral center is strong, Thee Champion is not so idealistic that he is unwilling to compromise his values when faced with a moral dilemma. He recognizes that the fate of the world at large supersedes his own moral values, and that stubbornly clinging to them while evil triumphs is no victory - but cowardly. Because of this, Alexis is capable of setting aside his moral beliefs if it means doing what is necessary. So while he appreciates and finds beauty in life, he is not above killing a threat that cannot be otherwise neutralized. And while he treats most lives as equal, he is not above sacrificing the few to save the many, as his own personal moral values do not matter, as the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few.

"Putting your own moral values above the fate of the world isn't heroic. It's selfish"

Furthermore, given Alexis' steely temperament and iron will, he is a kind but self-contained hero, traits that make him feel warm yet distant to those he aids. This presence is further magnified by his natural confidence and his nonexistent desire for the fame earned by his many years of heroic deeds. Additionally, while Thee Champion once identified with the human race and even rejected his own divinity by claiming human status and mortifying himself to the standards of man, he no longer does so. In his own words:

"We shouldn't ignore our differences, but instead celebrate them. Because they're what make us unique"

As a result, Alexis now fully embraces his divine status as a one-of-a-kind Miracleman. He carries himself with a measure of regality, like a benevolent god-king from the heavens. As in recognizing the massive physical and intellectual differences between him and mankind, he is granted a hero's perspective, the perspective of a being aware that his natural gifts can be tools to aid those weaker than himself and so on. While he feels a moral obligation to Earth, the Steel Samaritan's strong moral center renders him fairly altruistic and willing to help most people in need, be they from Earth or elsewhere. Good-natured, charming, caring and sharp-minded, Alexis is not only a hero, but a father - a family man. A duty he feels more responsible for than even his heroic ones.

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