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Villa Sol
Villa Sol

An ivory villa found near the mountains of Jacksonville, Wyoming, Villa Sol is the residence of Thee Champion, his daughter Tassiana Pettis, and her albino German Shepherd, Star. An astonishing haven where wide swaths of marble unroll at one's like a tide of white, Villa Sol was designed to capture the striking aesthetic of the Liafador Palace - the place his daughter's heart called home - while basking in the quiet simplicity of Jacksonville's private mountainside.

The Villa - Layout & Security

A large five bedroom home, Villa Sol stands overlooking the breathtaking mountain views of Jacksonville as a solitary glint of white - like the Sun. Draped by the sun on icy peaks known as towers of proving to those familiar with them, Villa Sol is spread out with a vast choice of spaces including a formal living room, casual family room, formal cinema room for Tassiana, and more. White and grey marble unroll at one's feet, saffron walls stand tall, tiles glimmer with jade onyx, and the gilded staircases stretch elegantly. By design, Villa Sol's predominantly white shade contrasts the green of the landscape, the grey of the mountains, and the blue of the open sky.

The villa is tended to - cleaned, maintained and so on - by three helper androids indistinguishable from humans to the naked eye.

|| Indoors ||

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Inside, Villa Sol is a beautiful escape with vast slabs of marble flooring, panoramic windows, Greek influences, open lighting, warm furnishings, family portraits, Tassiana's finger-painted portraits, and statues of Mazoi warriors so as to remind his daughter of her peaceful days on the West Cape. Every room in the villa seems a gallery with many a piece to charm the eye, such as the chandelier glistening in the stairway, the stone columns and graceful archways, crown-moulding and coffered ceilings, and tiled walls and marble floors as elegant as they are timeless. Villa Sol's formal living room is found just off the main entrance hall and offers abundant seating on velvet and warm furnishings surrounding an open fire.

Here, French doors open onto a shady terrace with additional seating and views over a sparkling swimming pool for Tassiana to use for recreation. A family lounge offers cozy seating on oversized beige sofas for his daughter and her friends or visiting siblings to enjoy movie nights and so on. Additionally, Villa Sol features a formal dining room which offers seating for ten people. Found just past the kitchen for seamless service from the villa's android cook, it is also surrounded by captivating mountain views for those dining to enjoy. Furthermore, the villa features home cinema and theater equipped with seating, surround sound, and a cinema screen. And where other homes would feature a gym, Villa Sol instead has a room that is best described as a geometric anomaly. Known as "Haven", it has the surface area of a normal room, but the volume of a small town.

It is similar to, for example, a two-dimensional sheet wherein a circle is cut out and replaced by a three-dimensional hemisphere. Both the circle and three-dimensional hemisphere are "circles" and have the same circumference, but the hemisphere has a different surface area. Haven is a three-dimensional analogue of this, featuring a larger interior volume. Acting as a training room for Thee Champion, Haven simulates possible environments and subjecting him to different physical conditions e.g. gravity, temperature and so on. Haven can only be accessed by Thee Champion by scanning his unique quantum state. The villa also includes a library filled with Tassiana's favorite books. The bedrooms are as follows:

  • Thee Champion's Quarters/Master Bedroom: A Greek-influenced master suite featuring a king-sized bed, chaise-lounge and elegant furnishings, the master bedroom is simple yet personable. The suite opens onto a large terrace with sweeping mountain views. The bathroom has floor-to-ceiling jade onyx walls, a dressing table, and unique showering chamber that bathes Thee Champion not in water, but a scorching ionized storm that eradicates all bacteria, foreign substances etc. from his skin and clothes. The bathroom itself is bathed in light from domed sky light. The master suite is on the top floor.
  • Tassiana's Quarters/Bedroom: Found on the top floor near the master suite, Tassiana's bedroom is a smaller suite with a wraparound side and a front-panoramic terrace. Featuring gold and blue (her favorite color) decor, it includes a large bed, French doors on two sides open to a large terrace and stunning mountain views, a holographic television, and a different version of Thee Champion's "Haven" room. Called "Cape Tassi" after what Ziccarra had named the West Cape in their daughter's honor, Cape Tassi acts as a recreation room for Tassiana where it's technology replicates her favorite activities e.g. flash-forging large tangible simulations of her favorite stars or recreating her favorite locations from the West Cape.
  • Guest Bedroom #1: A top floor guest bedroom white and red decor, king-sized bed and private side terrace. It features it's own bathroom with modern beige tiling and marble, a single basin, large bathtub, and separate shower cubicle.
  • Guest Bedroom #2: A ground floor bedroom on the left wing of the villa, it is draped in a black and white color palette with a queen-sized bed, leather headboard, and lacquered mirror furniture. Like all other bedrooms, it has it's own bathroom, laid in chocolate brown marble, with a single basin, separate shower, and large corner bathtub near a window mountain view.
  • Guest Bedroom #3: The third guest bedroom, it is a ground floor room in the left wing of the villa. It is decorated in a white and saffron color scheme with a wooden-framed bed. It's bathroom features a peach marble bathtub, separate shower, single basin, and a window view to the mountains.

|| Outdoors ||

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Lush, vibrant and verdant, Villa Sol's outdoors are the first glimpse of the residence. It combines the white flare of Greek-influenced architecture set against the lush backdrop of the wilderness and mountains. It features rolling hills, expansive terraces, cozy seating, lively gardens, vibrant landscaping, a color-dappled poolside terrace, and sun loungers ringing the glimmering pool.

The gardens in particular were paid close attention to given Tassiana's love of exploring the gardens of the Liafador Palace with her dog, Star. Here, the gardens are sprinkled-manicured fields that complement the rolling green of nearby hills, the silvery grey of looming mountains, and the kaleidoscopic burst of color from planted flowers. Tides of purple and yellow blooms bordered by bright red poppies bring life to a field of color for Thee Champion's daughter to lose herself in.

To further Tassiana's recreational options, the villa's outdoors include a large playhouse, swing-set, slides, a seesaw, and well furnished tree house for she and Star to spend time in. A dog pool, training tunnel and several other miscellaneous play systems exist for to stimulate Star's need for activity. Helper androids routinely tend to his needs as temporary play partners and permanent caretakers.

Finally, the villa's outdoors are routinely patrolled by android guards designed to resemble the Mazoi warriors from Tassiana's time in the West Cape with Ziccarra and her siblings. Their duties are strictly as guardsmen as specialized nanites tend to the gardens and overall well-being of the villa's outdoors, be it watering and maintaining the greenery, fertilizing the soil, cleaning the pool, or maintaining clean air by filtering any potential airborne toxins, pathogens and so on.

|| Defense & Technology ||

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Protected by an assortment of advanced technology and machine smithed by Thee Champion himself, Villa Sol benefits first and foremost from shield generators that can encase the entire villa or specific sections in fields of virtual particles that can annul most forces attempting to break through. Furthermore, the villa enjoys a surveillance system owed to air dispersed nano-clouds of virtual particle-shielded nanites that maintain 24/7 surveillance of the property and correspond with the home's resident A.I., Isa (named after Ziccarra's middle name "Isabella").

To mitigate the effects of an EMP, many of the villa's systems, including the surveillance nanites, are forged from electrically neutral quantum particles. In addition to this, Villa Sol also enjoys the service of waste-consuming and recycling nanites, and high-functioning androids designed to resemble Mazoi warriors for Tassiana's comfort and familiarity. They (10 in number) patrol the villa as it's armed guards with the base physical attributes of a metahuman capable of lifting between 20-50 tons, the additional power to generate and manipulate virtual particle fields themselves, vibranium spears, and personalities designed to maximize Tassiana's comfort. The Mazoi androids report to a clone of the Magistrate synthetic life-form guarding Augusta. The clone, known as "Magistrate #2" is dutiful and dedicated to the protection of Villa Sol and Tassiana.

A facility built into one of the nearby mountains acts as Thee Champion's technology-vault and laboratory, and doubles as the home of the small exomatter generator powering the villa. Additionally, when locked, the front and back doors in the villa can only be opened by scanners uniquely sensitive to Thee Champion and Tassiana's respective quantum states. Finally, the villa's windows are typically reinforced by virtual particle fields so as not to break, and the villa itself includes a teleporter to both the Augusta and Valhöll space stations.


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The Steel Samaritan - Psychological Profile/Personality

The Herald of Hope
The Herald of Hope

A Miracleman - a unique divine being born from random chaotic fluctuations - raised by military woman Alexa Pettis, Alexis was conditioned and interred with a sense of duty to the human race. This deeply rooted sense of responsibility is owed partially to Alexa's constant comparisons of Alexis' extraordinary abilities to those of ancient legendary and divine figures responsible for heroic and courageous feats e.g. Heracles, Ajax, and so on. And it is for this reason that as a superhero, Thee Champion holds himself to standards of perfection. Despite feeling this moral obligation to the human race - a lesser race by every metric - Alexis chooses against interfering too frequently in human affairs so as not to erode mankind's self-sufficiency and independence.

Instead, the Man of Miracles intervenes only when he deems the threat or problem large enough that even man's capacity to adapt and survive is insufficient. And though his moral center is strong, Thee Champion is not so idealistic that he is unwilling to compromise his values when faced with a moral dilemma. He recognizes that the fate of the world at large supersedes his own moral values, and that stubbornly clinging to them while evil triumphs is no victory - but cowardly. Because of this, Alexis is capable of setting aside his moral beliefs if it means doing what is necessary. So while he appreciates and finds beauty in life, he is not above killing a threat that cannot be otherwise neutralized. And while he treats most lives as equal, he is not above sacrificing the few to save the many, as his own personal moral values do not matter, as the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few.

"Putting your own moral values above the fate of the world isn't heroic. It's selfish"

Furthermore, given Alexis' steely temperament and iron will, he is a kind but self-contained hero, traits that make him feel warm yet distant to those he aids. This presence is further magnified by his natural confidence and his nonexistent desire for the fame earned by his many years of heroic deeds. Additionally, while Thee Champion once identified with the human race and even rejected his own divinity by claiming human status and mortifying himself to the standards of man, he no longer does so. In his own words:

"We shouldn't ignore our differences, but instead celebrate them. Because they're what make us unique"

As a result, Alexis now fully embraces his divine status as a one-of-a-kind Miracleman. He carries himself with a measure of regality, like a benevolent god-king from the heavens. As in recognizing the massive physical and intellectual differences between him and mankind, he is granted a hero's perspective, the perspective of a being aware that his natural gifts can be tools to aid those weaker than himself and so on. While he feels a moral obligation to Earth, the Steel Samaritan's strong moral center renders him fairly altruistic and willing to help most people in need, be they from Earth or elsewhere. Good-natured, charming, caring and sharp-minded, Alexis is not only a hero, but a father - a family man. A duty he feels more responsible for than even his heroic ones.

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The Valhöll Space Station/Æther Space Station

"This is my home" -- Alexis Pettis/Thee Champion

The Valhöll
The Valhöll

A large and mobile space station consisting of a central ring from which two arms protrude, the Valhöll (or Æther) further features four diagonally positioned smaller and thinner arms close to it's powerful thrusters. Often found at different regions of the solar system, the Valhöll is the New God's home (one of them) and base of operations. The station is fully capable of closing in on itself by the convergence of it's six arms, transforming it into a long and well-protected cylindrical structure.

Designed and built by the Herald of Hope, the Valhöll is a product of his extraordinary genius, and though he tends to reach it by flight, he made sure to include spaceports in the station's design, establishing them on the Valhöll's central ring. Given that the central ring is it's center of rotation, it is easier for a ship to access and dock.

Station Systems & Technology

Intended for orbital functions as well as prolonged spaceflight, the Valhöll is a peek into the future of space exploration. For one it features an advanced internal emission sink stealth system. Heat generated by routine on-board operations is easily detectable in the near absolute zero background temperature of space. But through it's internal emission sink stealth system, the Valhöll can temporarily store it's generated heat in lithium heat sinks deep within the hull. The stored heat however, must be eventually radiated lest it accumulate and scorch those on-board alive.

Anti-Proton Thrusters
Anti-Proton Thrusters

For it's propulsion system, the station features large anti-proton thrusters, with both aft and forward thrusters. These thrusters inject anti-proton into a reaction chamber containing hydrogen, causing matter-antimatter annihilation that generates a tremendous amount of motive power. This however, leads to a drawback in fuel production as the anti-protons are manufactured one particle at a time. The exhaust of the fusion and anti-proton drives is measured in millions of degrees Celsius, and any physical object caught behind it will melt like wax in a blowtorch. For long periods of spaceflight, the Valhöllrelies on two phases of travel; acceleration and deceleration. It accelerates to the halfway point of the joint, then flips 180 degrees and applies thrust in the opposite vector, decelerating as the journey is completed.

The station holds a nuclear fusion plant that powers it's electrical systems etc. H-fuel cells provide auxiliary power and works as a backup generator should the Valhöll's primary reactor shut down. Because of the issues with incorporating anti-proton thrusters, the Valhöll also features extended fuel cells that use an innovative propulsion system superior to the liquid hydrogen/liquid oxygen reaction that powers maneuvering thrusters. By using metastable metallic hydrogen, the extended fuel cells allow for fuel that burns at greater efficiency than liquid H2/O2. Small corrections needed for any long distance spaceflight can be used without exhausting the station's fuel supplies. This net gain extends to forward impulse as well since the Valhöll is primarily powered by anti-protons, allowing it to coast temporarily using the extended fuel cells to reach an inferior but sustainable speed that lowers anti-proton consumption.

Technological Sophistication
Technological Sophistication

Additionally, the Valhöll is constructed from a highly durable material made of carbon nanotube sheets woven with a diamond chemical vapor deposition crushed into super-dense layers, enabling it to withstand the extremes of heat and cold. Because it is not designed for combat, the Valhöll is not fitted with weaponry save for point defense lasers and cannons that fire high-density slugs of metal. To maximize it's ability to explore and identify not only extraterrestrial life in other worlds but to examine the conditions for life on other worlds, the Valhöll features a highly sophisticated scanning system that uses a variety of passive and active scanners ranging from visual, thermographic and radio detectors to radar and laser detection. Furthermore, it can provide long-range topographical scanning resolution and deploy an orbital multi-static grid of radar-emitting micro-satellites/probes that can deliver a digital elevation of the terrain at 15 meters per pixel resolution.

For slower scanning and rendering speed ideal for geological and biological prospecting, archaeological research and long-term security surveillance, it can lower to 0.001 millimeter per pixel while the spherical geometry of it's multi-static grid allows for exceptional cross-sectioning and a strong resistance to electronic countermeasures. Finally, the station itself features five decks which are the hangar, information center, engineering deck, guest deck and Alexis' quarters. It's scanning features include searching for and identifying mineral deposits etc. Furthermore, the Valhöll also features laser detection and ranging. The station also includes an electromagnetic ram-scoop that gathers hydrogen from the it's surroundings, converting it into fuel when needed.

Station Layout/Decks

-Deck #1: Alexis' Quarters-

The first and topmost deck of the station is entirely comprised of the Alexis' quarters. It is located directly under the exterior pressure hull. Aside from a full-sized bed, bathroom, office desk, and standard furniture, the New God's quarters feature a private terminal for monitoring the station and reading new and archived messages.

-Deck #2: Information Center-

The Second Deck
The Second Deck

The second deck or 'Information Center' is comprised of the station's bridge, research and tech labs, communications room and main airlock. From the bridge, Alexis or the designated AI can pilot the station while communicating with whoever is on-board. The control panel next to the pilot's seat can be used to open and close the hull's heat shields. Primarily, the deck is centered around a large map of certain regions of the Milky Way galaxy which the New God can use to plot the Valhöll's next destination, and directly next to the map is a private terminal where he can access electronic correspondences and review basic information about said destination.

The station's communications room sits between the tech and research labs. The room is dominated by a large rectangular conference table where Alexis can hold briefings and discussions with those on-board as well as communicate via hologram with another party in real time thanks to the station's quantum entanglement based communications array.

-Deck #3: Guest Deck-

The third deck of the Valhöll is where the station's guests spend most of their time. It includes guest quarters, bathrooms, life support control, a mess-hall and the AI core located at the rear of the medical bay, which is run (like most of the station's systems etc.) by a robotic assistant.

-Deck #4: Engineering Bay-

The fourth deck of the station is the engineering bay, which houses the station's more technologically complex systems and components.

-Deck #5: Hangar-

The fifth and lowest deck is the hangar, where small shuttles can be stored.

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