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✵✵ The Great One ✵✵

The Sun God
The Sun God

Real Name: Alexis Pettis

Aliases: Thee Champion, Sun God, Steel Samaritan, Immortal One, King of Gods, God of Gods, Blue Immortal, God of Tomorrow, Great One, Miracle Man, Red Marvel, God-King

Height: 6'6"

Weight: Unknown

Age: 70+ (Ageless)

Hair Color: Raven

Eye Color: Sky Blue

Species: Miracleman (Deity)

Alignment: Ideal Hero (Classically Good)

Gender: Male

Orientation: Heterosexual

Birthplace: The Sun

Home: Villa Sol

Base of Operations: Deus

Relationship Status: Widowed

Occupation: UN-Sanctioned Hero, Scientist, Superhero, Creator/King of the Marvelmen

Family: Alexa Pettis (Adoptive Mother, Deceased), Ziccarra Liafador (Wife, Deceased), Sabella Liafador (Mother-In-Law), Maya Liafador (Daughter), Catalina Liafador (Stepdaughter), Selene Liafador (Daughter), Leonel Pettis (Alternate Reality Son), Tassiana Pettis (Daughter), Alexa Isabella Pettis (Adoptive Daughter, Missing), 8th Wonder (Creation/Son), 9th Wonder (Creation/Son)

Affiliation: Ellie Knightfall (Friend/Ally), Mara MacDonald (Friend/Ally), Marvelmen

☼ The Blue Immortal - Origin/Background

Below the Sun's smoldering sea of plasma and radiation, came a miracle. Born from the random quantum fluctuations of an improbable thermodynamic soup, Thee Champion walked past the glowing gates of charged particles smashing into one another, strode through bursts of apocalyptic energy screaming into existence with every second - and climbed out the Sun's stormy folds of rays gamma, ultraviolet and the like. Braving the chromosphere's electric sting as he soared free, the Blue Immortal came to be.

A divine being written into existence by randomness, the Great One - the first and only Miracleman - crashed into Earth, a child of unimaginable power, and one immediately taken into the custody of Alexa Pettis, a member of the US military. Under her guidance, he was named Alexis and molded into an iconic standard of justice and superheroism, and since the days of WWII, has roamed the skies of Earth as Thee Champion.

☼ The Steel Samaritan - Psychological Profile

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☼ The Red Marvel - Intellect & Knowledge

✹✹ Super Genius ✹✹

Owing to his absurdly powerful brain, the Great One is blessed with what can only be deemed miraculous intelligence. While human intelligence is oftentimes restricted to specific spheres of influence, as in human geniuses typically find their genius limited to specialties in which they reign supreme, Thee Champion's genius spans beyond this human limit. His incredible ability to absorb information and his knack for creative thinking enables an outrageous command of information in a near-limitless range of fields and disciplines, including but not limited to Langlands program, Inter-universal Teichmüller theory, quantum mechanics and so on. With a brain enriched with exceptional intellectual insight into the physical world, few things are beyond Thee Champion's intellectual grasp. Among his greatest intellectual feats are his creation of Dark Matter Prisons (see Apparel & Inventions).

Additionally, compared to human minds, Thee Champion's subscribes far less to proofs. His mind understands the logical consequences of more statements than the human can - and faster - given a collection of rules deduced from his everyday life. The raw intelligence to see the extended logical consequences of things has rendered proofs, to a certain degree, trivial to him. The Miracle Man's intelligence however, can be best illustrated by the Sentience quotient (SQ)concept. SQ expresses the information-processing efficiency of a brain independent of it's internal composition. In this concept, the brain is treated as an information-processing unit. And the formula behind the concept is simple. It's comprised of the base-10 log of the ratio of the brain's information-processing rate (in bits per second) to the brain's mass (in kilograms). Humans have an SQ of 13, whereas plants have an SQ of -2, 15 points below a human's information-processing efficiency, or - with logarithms taken into account - a million billion times lower.

While the Great One is nowhere near the maximum SQ allowed by physical laws, he is significantly above man's SQ, such that any attempts at communicating with humans at his full capacity is inordinately difficult at best, and impossible at worst, similar to the communication between humans and plants.

✹✹ Fighting System ✹✹

A highly skilled and experienced fighter, Thee Champion often fights as a classic boxer-puncher, but one adapted to using a high-pressure approach to create openings for his strikes and energy attacks. By using a fearsome combination of grappling and boxing in the clinch, the Blue Immortal has transformed himself into a dangerous in-fighter. First and foremost, the Great One understands that unarmed combat is a game of distance and that the closer two fighters get, the more crucial each inch becomes. In fact, it is the Blue Immortal's opinion that even a single inch can be the difference between a glancing blow and a killing strike. As a result, his in-fighting is adapted to his tendency to constantly battle for his preferred distance. The tools Alexis uses to manipulate the gap between him and his foes (in addition to long-range energy attacks) are grips (if an opponent closes the distance).

A master of range, the Immortal One watches his foes closely, getting out the way of their attacks, moving seamlessly, closing off and creating distance when needed. When charging aggressively at an opponent, he creates distance, first with his lower body and then with his upper-body to avoid being struck. But he immediately follows an opponent's attacks back in, slipping into the clinch to avoid yet another attack. And as if to confuse his foe, the Steel Samaritan follows the hard work done to get inside (into clinch range) by throwing his foes right back out of the clinch, all done in an effort to find the proper range for a punch. And unlike most fighters who view fighting in terms of "phases" such as long range/outside/kicking or blasting range, mid-range/punching range, and clinch range/chest-to-chest, Thee Champion operates in a free-flowing continuum of distance and direction, intermittently using his long-range energy attacks to better manage distance and keep his opponents from settling into a rhythm.

☼ The Immortal One - Powers & Abilities

✹✹ Miraculous Physiology✹✹

A wholly unique being whose origin is shrouded in mystery as much as divinity, Thee Champion's body is unlike any other. Despite bearing a strong visual resemblance to the human form, it could not be more different. The Great One is not made of atoms, nor is his body home to cells, DNA or any such equivalent expected to be found in a living thing. Instead, Thee Champion's body is an extremely powerful space-time barrier whose interior volume is significantly larger than it's surface area. And inside his body flows a sea of non-Einsteinian energy significantly more powerful - even in trace amounts - than the most powerful forms of matter and energy in standard Einsteinian universes. Governed by physical laws unknown and different, the result is an extraordinarily powerful body wherein energy and information can be manipulated in ways that violate established physical laws, and at enormous scales. At the peak of his powers, the Great One is capable of truly incredible physical feats, even by divine standards e.g. collapsing entire stars with his bare hands or generating apocalyptic storms with his breath.

Superluminal Speed
Superluminal Speed

Additionally, Thee Champion exerts an energy field around his body that is partly responsible for his overwhelming durability and toughness. This energy field has a set tolerance for how much stress it allows before reacting strongly in opposition to an external force. Because the strength of the Immortal One's energy field exceeds the cohesion of all Earthly substances, most objects and forces cannot damage him. Bullets simply bounce off of him, and even the immense heat, pressure, radiation and gravitational tidal forces in the core of stars cause Thee Champion little more than minor discomfort. Additionally, the massive sea of energy inside him not only render him virtually tireless, but act as a form of sustenance as well, leaving Thee Champion without any need for sleep, water, air or food.

He does however, undergo a monthly period of meditation to replenish his energy stores, though the mechanism behind this practice is not understood. Among the Immortal One's more passive abilities is applying some internal pressure to provoke his own body into releasing their energy and radiating his energy field beyond his body to anything he touches, allowing him to coat objects and other people in protective auras, as well as re-energize them. Additionally, because of his body's unique composition, he is entirely immune to toxins, diseases and so on. Furthermore, the deep stores of energy in his body enable him to recover from any injury given enough time, no matter the severity. Another passive ability owed to his supercharged and highly energized body is agelessness.

The Great One is functionally immortal, though can still be killed by a sufficiently powerful phenomenon, attack etc. Though he often avoids physical conflicts, Thee Champion relies on his extremely powerful energy projection and manipulation when in battle. These energy-based powers make use of the non-Einsteinian sea of energy inside his body, and enable him to accomplish a myriad of things such as the projection of energy, heat and radiation at scales beyond even his physical strength e.g. snuffing entire star systems from existence. Beyond this, his massive stores of energy are the root of his ability to generate an extreme amount of force, enabling him to move and react at relativistic speeds, and - via the manipulation of his energy's non-Einsteinian nature - even upgrade his personal space-time processing speed to render superluminal speed possible.

✹✹ Super Brain/Super-Genius, Super Senses & Flight ✹✹

Like his body, Thee Champion's equivalent of a brain is home to immense power. An incomparable information-processing unit, it enables him to memorize entire libraries of information, multitask and construct entire simulations with a speed and accuracy that far exceeds anything within the realm of human possibility. The sheer amount of information being processed so quickly in his brain is also what renders his mind fairly difficult for anything but high-level psychics to attack as the sheer volume and speed of the information processing can burn out the minds of most who peer into his mind. Furthermore, his brain's great processing power grants him uncanny mental adaptability and intellectual range. So while some geniuses are creative in that they create and envision new approaches and sciences, and others possess the mechanical or engineering inclinations to build new machinery - the Great One can do both.

The sheer power of his brain allows him to consciously perform countless simultaneous thought processes concurrently rather than sequentially. This level of information-processing power and sophistication is partly why Thee Champion is able to conceive of sciences and concepts beyond human comprehension, many of which he is an expert of. Additionally, the unique structure of his body has bestowed him with highly powerful senses. His range of hearing for example, extends from the subsonic to the point where signal modulation in broadcast communications can be sensed and demodulated into "sounds". His visual perception is equally as impressive, allowing him to perceive the entire electromagnetic spectrum and use the cosmic microwave background radiation leftover by the Big Bang as a means of sight even in complete darkness, as well as focus far beyond the visual range of the human eye.

Combined with his sensitivity to the electromagnetic spectrum, Thee Champion can magnify an image, no matter how small, as many times as needed for clarity, enabling him to peer into the molecular world. When supercharged with his own energy, Thee Champion's body can generate powerful gravitational fields. These gravitational fields, when combined with his personal energy field, grant him the ability to negate the pull of gravity, thus allowing him to fly. When in flight, he is fully suspended by this energy, repelling Earth's gravimetric influence over him. In a sense, he becomes his own center of gravity, no longer having to physically leverage against the gravity of any planetary body. And by instinctively using incredible skill and sophistication, Alexis is able to alter the pull and force of his personal gravitational field, allowing him to "fall" forward in a direction and speed of his choosing as well as manipulate other objects via this powerful gravitational field.

☼ The God of Tomorrow - Paraphernalia

✹✹ Sun God Suit ✹✹

The Sun God Suit
The Sun God Suit

A dark blue battlesuit featuring red highlights, red boots and a long red cape that starts from the shoulders and stops just shy of the Great One's ankles, the Sun God Suit is the Blue Immortal's primary attire. Stylized by a large 'S' in an upside triangle on his chest, the battlesuit is usually thought of as a simple form of apparel, but it is actually defensive in purpose. It's fabric is forged from a durable regenerative nano-material, one able to withstand the rigors of the forces Thee Champion often exposes it to.

Primarily however, the battlesuit is known to use an unknown quantum-mechanical technology that appears to be woven into it's fabric or is actually a part of the battlesuit's armored nano-material. While much still remains a mystery, what is known is that the battlesuit replicates his own power to absorb and store energy from the quantum foam. This feature is designed not to increase the battlesuit's durability, but to offer the Blue Immortal an additional source of sustenance and power. Furthermore, the Sun God Suit features a microcircuit that emits unique resonant energy frequencies. It filters non-EM energies (magical energies, psychic energies etc.) flowing into his body, minimizing the dangers posed by magic, psychic energies etc. by emitting neutralizing and balancing frequencies.

✹✹ Artifacts ✹✹

Thee Champion has come into possession of the following artifacts:

Given to the 8th Wonder.

✹✹ Dark Matter Prisons ✹✹

Kept outside the solar system's corner of the Milky Way galaxy, the Great One's dark matter prisons are enormous structures comprised of globules of dark matter that pull the imprisoned equally in all directions, therefore preventing them from moving and holding them in permanent stasis. These prisons however, are only used to contain enemies that the Blue Immortal believes will yield more value being alive instead of dead. One of these Dark Matter Prisons currently serves as the holding cell for the Mind Lavaliere.