The ultimate list of Bad-Assery!

List items

  • I know I once hated him, but as read the book more...and saw the movie, I absolutely loved the character.

  • The story-arc "God don't live on Cellblock D" solidified him as Bad-Ass

  • $*%(ed a Meteor. How much more can you want?

  • List of Feats

    shows up the fastest man alive on a weekly basis,

    embarrassed, beat the crap out of and killed the man who killed his sister,

    responded to blackmail with the words "F*** you kid. I'm gonna find you and then kill you all." And then he did. While making fun of them for being a bunch of stupid punks,

    has been to hell

    and gotten someone to take a flamethrower to his own father!

  • My favorite member of "The Boys"