Guide to the Newuserverse-Part 2: Know the Forums

So you know who to bother when you gotta problem, now it's time to know where the magic happens: In the forums!!
Lets take a quick look down Forum lane.

Newest Topics

This is a grab-bag of all the latest topics from every forum. If you see some topics from categories you don't want to see or vice versa simply go to preferences and check what you want.

My Favorites

Now this is getting a little more fun, say you like the battles forum (we'll get into that later), simply go to battles and in the upper right (my right atleast), you'll see add forum to favs. You do this again with another forum and so on and then you have Your Favorites. Pretty cool right? Right on.

Gen. Discussion

The home of the Hi I'm new thread and alittle more detailed list on what I'm writing called Forum Descriptions, thats a little outdated so lets stick with this one :P
 General discussion is about comics in general. But not off-topic discussion or battles, gen. discussion stays in gen. discussion etc. 

Threads of interest?   - Also, Don't make a thread in one thread saying - "HEY I'M NEW TO COMICS. WHATS A GOOD COMIC TO READ? Roflcopter go's soi soi soi". Thats what the Who's reading thread is for.


Bug Reporting

The site is still relatively too and like most sites, it's bound to have a few kinks in the works. So if you see a bug, just report it here.

Threads of interest?

Artist Show-Off

Think you're the next Picasso? Show it off here! Not much I can say here as it's kinda self explanatory.  

Threads of Interest 

Off topic

From kittens to rainbows to death and gore. As a rule of thumb, if it's not about comics. It go's here.

Threads of Interest


Now, Contests are generally when the Staff sets up something like a caption contest. A picture of something crazy and asking you to fill in the blank of what the character is saying.  But thats just one of the many ideas the staff has of keeping the site fresh and new. There are many contests and I for one know there will be many more to come.

Threads of Interest

Hard to say as most of the contests are old and outdated. But new contests will be pinned to newest topics, see above ^.
Alright, now we're getting into heavy hitting stuff. Battles is where two characters from comics go mano e mano. Versus each other, NOW REMEMBER THAT JUST BECAUSE IT HAS VS. IN THE TITLE DOES NOT MEAN IT IS A BATTLE THREAD!!. I.e. Family Guy Vs South Park is not a battle, it's just asking which show is better. Stewie Griffin vs Cartman is a battle because it's the two against each other.
Threads of interest
I could go on but Methos covered everything you need to know about



Sort of like Artist Show-Off but for writers. Simple as that.

Threads of Interest



I could go on ALOT about RPG'ing but everything you need to know is covered in threads of interest.  Please examine them and study them before going all willy nilly. 
Thats all for now. The other forums will be covered...