Invincible #60 Preview

Hey guys, Drift here with a preview for Invincible's 60th Issue! Who's reading the series? any fans?

I might just have to pick this up

Written by Robert Kirkman

Art by Ryan Ottley & FCO Plascencia

From Image Comics comes the crossover event of the decade!

Invincible is drawn into a company-wide crossover event done in one oversized issue! Spawn! Savage dragon! Youngblood! Shadowhawk! Cyberforce! Pitt! Ultra! and many, many more all here for one issue. You don't want to miss this descent into chaos. There's a reason why this issue has a second printing!

Special four-page gatefold cover by Ryan Ottley & FCO Plascencia!



If it's Marvel or DC, then no because I know them and can expect a certain level of quality to come from their comics.

If it's an independent, than yeah, probably.

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Top Five (as Inspired by Gambler's Blog)

Top Five Comeback characters by Gambler

My List :

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Toxin : Come on Marvel, He was used in two mini-series and never touched again until after Civil War, Marvel said he was a prospect for an Avengers Initiative recruit, and he's still not there..Why? Why even say something like that and not use him afterwards....just to lie to his fans? just to let a good character go to waste?

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Zoom :

This guy took an original concept and did it right, He was the villain who did what he did for a reason, that reason was to make one of the greatest heroes...a better hero and yet, didn't they de-power him in Rogues Revenge recently? He was bad-ass. Why mess with such a cool character?

                                                              Taskmaster :
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Technically, he's still there...but he's not as good as he was in his UDON series. Bring back that Tasky, who didn't give a damn about heroes or villains, rather he just cared about getting his check or solving his own vendetta. Not the guy who trains newbies for Iron Man.

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Last Call :

I don't have a better reason to bring him back other than...well, Whats more funny than Midnighter getting cloned and then his clone is homophobic? :P
I still gotta read the one issue he appears in, but he sounds kinda cool based on his bio on CV.

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Lady Shiva :

Final Issue of Robin....UGH.


Ideas for my vids

So basically I'm asking what do you want to see me talk about or review...

Next video is gonna be about Werewolf by Night #1. Regardless, I'm curious to know what you guys think would be something interesting for me to do a vid on.