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hate to throw crap all over this idea that her "change" makes her more appealing. All it has done is make her about as two- dimensional. The Talia who was torn between loyalty to her father and love for Bruce was interesting and three dimensional. You never knew what her end game was. Her appearances were always interesting because no one knew where she stood this time. What side she would take or if she would take her side? Now she's just Ra's 2.0 and not even a very good version either.

This Talia is a pale imitation of a character. This entire "plan" of hers ultimately stemming from her new found inability to get over Bruce makes her look pathetic, weak, and petty. Don't know how it's supposed to be a development to have a mother murder her son to hurt the father. Not a villain, just a piece of crap really. The end result is we have a Talia that really has flipped 180 with no real lead up in it. Been back through Grant's "epic" (are we just throwing that word around now?) Batman run and her entire attitude has switched back and forth with little rhyme or reason. Does Nyssa even still exist?

Where does Talia go after this? Where does Batman and Robin?

True character progression was in "Death and the Maidens" where her change was given a reason.

The reason given here is just pathetic. How does she turn Ra's men against him? Oh, that's right. It doesn't matter because Grant Morrison can do no wrong because the sun shines out of his bum 24/7. He just writes that it happened and we accept it. Okay, fine.

Batman Inc. has been a piss poor read. I don't really understand how it's in the New 52 considering that it makes reference to events that happened in the old Post Crisis DC. Should I even mention the fact that the entire mini's starting point was a one shot that revolved around a character that now, no longer exists? Is there a reason this stupid story couldn't have remained in the Post-Crisis U? Hell, Kevin Smith is being allowed to stay there. I'm assuming Grant wanted it to be in the new sandbox? Fine, then fix your continuity errors bud.

So in the end, what do we have? A villain who has become this hate filled thing with very little to show that descent. Her reasons make the character pathetic and petty. We lose a great character because Grant just has to finish his "epic" story and no one at DC has the sack to tell him no, a death that wasn't needed, was ultimately stupid considering the fact that it takes away from a much better writers (Tomasi) work with that character, and we got four more issues before this man pisses off to leave this universe behind. Frankly, if I was more of a cynical a-hole, I would just assume that Grant simply killed Damian off so no one else could play with "his creation" But that's silly because he's never before taken a character of his that was loved by the fans away before he left a book so with no reason other than "it was planned from the beginning". Oh Yeah; XORN!!

Here's hoping that Grant doesn't go further and make a resurrection of Damian a near implausibility like he did with Xorn and thus we can get the ONE thing that Grant actually did well in his entire, crappy (better word than epic really) time with Batman. And a sidenote: DON'T LET HIM COME BACK DANG IT!!!

Please note: these are all my opinions and my opinions alone. If you disagree with me; congratulations. You're an individual with a different perspective. So in summary: I love Batman, I hate Grant Morrison, and Talia has been ruined in this story.

Good Evening.

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I think Rick learned the Shane lesson well. He's harder now sure, but not to that Shane level. By the end, Shane wanted to kill anyone that wasn't in their group regardless. Rick still gave the prisoners a choice to live together as best as possible or die. Sure, he fixed the problem when it became obvious that there was going to be one, but he still led with the chance of coexistence.

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I was ready to dump Red Hood until I read issue #3, the last pages with Tim's memory that he chose to forget added some heart and character to the book which it really needed after the first two issues. Now with Starfire's tale here, it's fun to see the dichotomy of these two characters. Kori refusing to be defined by anything but herself and living for the now rather than the past. Goes extremely well in highlighting the contradiction that is Tim's reasons.

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Anyone thinking that The Talon is a Owlman rip off is shortchanging a terrific story and needs to give it a chance. The Talon is not a play on Alan Moore's creation. It's the creation of what could be a very interesting villain. The fact is the Talon isn't even the real villain, he's merely the arm of the real trouble. His ability to get at Batman with ease is unsettling and ties in with the villain currently running amok in Batman and Robin as well. But right now the Batman title is one of the top stories of the New 52, don't knock it until you've tried it. Ever since reading Gates of Gotham I have looked forward to this series more than anything. Absolutely love Scott Snyder's storyline. The Court of Owls is a great mystery and has me looking forward to each issue. The discovery Bruce makes in Wayne Tower is a very unsettling moment and I love the sense of Batman being disturbed while seemingly not reacting. Every nest he finds leading more and more into a deeper mystery over the Owls. The ties it has to his family on some level. Beware the owls, for they hunt Bats.

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If I'm not mistaken they have said that Batman started four years prior to the JL start. So that's 9 years, 9 years and four Robins, Death in the Family, I believe Knightfall, Batman and Son, and Final Crisis had to have happened if he was "dead" and Dick took over and to have the Return arc that lead to his realization of Batman Inc. (ugh). All in all, the best thing they can do is ignore and not address the continuity issues, otherwise it's going to be clusterf#$% city. DC broke the cardinal rule of reboots, again. EVerything get's rebooted or nothing gets rebooted. Because now we have the Batman issue and the Green Lantern situation. And both of these could lead to some major problems of Hawkman proportions. But I do love the New 52 if for no other reason than it allows me to ignore all the stupid Grant Morrison stuff (sans Damian the only thing I actually liked) and once again enjoy the Dark Knight.

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Look, Jason Todd should have stayed dead the moment Jeph and Jim screwed the pooch by not making him Hush. Ever since then, DC has just tried to close the barn door after the horse got out. They tried to capitalize on the reaction they got from people concerning the issue with him dressed as Hush, but of course bringing him back was never going to work after the original idea got screwed up. The entire history of DC post Hush in terms of Jason has been that they had no idea what to do with him. The didn't leave well enough alone and now they were stuck with a character who worked better as a villain only to not be a villain. Then, to make matters worse there hasn't been any consistency with the character. Is he a hero or a villain? Now, he's a hero but what happens when the book gets canceled? (It'll happen eventually.) They've set him up in this continuity thus continuing the problem. He should have been sent back to the dead. But, they tried to revamp him somewhat and hoped an entirely new contnuity would be enough to undo the continuing damage that had been done. Unfortunately, I don't think leading a rag tag triple threat of Green Arrow's former sidekick and an alien who apparently likes to sleep with a collection of smells (it's how Jason described it). But now we are to believe 4 Robin's in five years and who was murdered, resurrected, and now some sort of black sheep. Kill him, you screwed up. As Hush he would have been dynamic. As anything else, he's just a pathetic reminder of what might have been.

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The suit really doesn't bother me.
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amen brother. To me the whole concept of Batman Inc. makes no sense and tells me Grant really has lost his perception on who Batman really is. There is no way Bruce Wayne would leave Gotham City to be Batman for the world.  
I find it mind boggling that the man who wrote Arkham Asylum: A serious tale for a serious Earth would be penning Batman like this. I just can't fathom how the man who wrote Animal Man has this screwed perception of what Batman is all about. Let's take the non-sensical storyline from RIP and Final Crisis aside. Batman is the defender of Gotham, not the world. He's a control freak who scares the crap out of criminals, who deals with the real world and not the cosmic level stuff that SUperman, SHAZAM, JLA deal with. He may be in the JLA dealing with that stuff, but that's only when he's with the team.  
He's a detective. The thing I always liked about the story is that if you take the costume off of him and keep the story the same, it could be a real life tale. Crazy killer criminals, vigilante hero, city under siege. All this time traveling, shooting Gods, facing the devil, revelaing his identity to some model from Africe who he loves, but knows she's in the Black Glove, only to come apart when she reveals herself to be what he already knows she is. Stuff just don't make sense. 
 I really wish DC would do three things. 1) take the character designs from ARkham Asylum VG and incorporate those into the comics. Every character looked fantastic 
2) scrap Morrison, ignore what he's done and bring Batman back to what made him great. You know like what Marvel had to do with the X-Men. 
3) Dick Grayson back as Nightwing. Though, I was really intrigued at seeing Dick in the cowl. You ruin it when you reveal two months into it that Bruce is coming back. There's only one Batman. If he's back than Nightwing needs to return as well. 
I know people seem to love these stories. But I think that's from people who like Grant Morrison. Not that you can't be a Batman fan and like what's being done by Grant.  
It just seems that people who like what he's done so far seem to simply do so because they're fans of him. Me, I find him a pretentious, over hyped, overly complicated pseudo-intellectual writer. I loved his Animal Man, I liked his JLA, his X-Men run was a failure, and his Batman run is a crime. And yet, my love for the Bat is such that I still read the stories, as long as his name isn't on there. 
God, let whatever kool-aid Dan Didio drank wear off. Because this, this is getting bad.
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Oh thank god. I thought I was alone here. For me, Grant's run on Batman has been like his run on X-Men. One good story starting off and then straight into " I want to write my version of Batman regardless of what's come before". RIP made no sense to me and honestly, seeing Batman acting like something other than Batman was just "ugh". I don't really know what happened to G.M.  
I loved his Arkham Asylum graphic and Batman and Son was an interesting start off and had me expecting a good run on Batman from him. However, I think he feels the need to reinvent the wheel with established characters and I just never felt that Batman needed to be redone. Especially, as a second coming of the Silver age where he's dealing with cosmic and mystical things. Didn't care for the Black Glove, and the whole reveal of who Dr. Hurt is is just too meta physical and not like Batman at all.  
Final Crisis was horrible, if I can't understand it in one read through, then you've failed as a writer IMO. Having Batman square off against Darkseid and shoot him was just the end for me with Grant writing Batman. I am a long Batman fan. He's my favorite character and has been since I picked up my first comic book. He's my favorite because he doesn't deal with end of the world, cosmis level stuff. He's a detective, he's human. He protects one city. That's it. When you have him fighting the devil and Darkseid, it's just not Batman.  
The best stories of Batman to me have been, No Man's land, Year One, War Games, and even Arkham Asylum. And the reason is is that there is a reality to them that you can't get from Superman. It's Batman against all odds coming out on top. Let Superman save the world, universe, multiverse. Batman only has to save Gotham.  
So I am with you on this as well. Grant seems to want to take Batman back to the 50's and 60's when he wasn't worth reading and became of farce of what he should have been. He seems to want to undo the 30 years of work that Denny O'Neill, Frank Miller, and all the other writers and artists put in to eradicate the lame Silver Age kid friendly Batman that was the standard for a long time. I don't like it, but I will continue to read any and all non Grant penned Batman stories.  
I've heard it said that Batman had gotten stale. That may be true, 70 years is a long time to be around. But, he's hit those stale periods before. What he needed then is what he needed now. A good story that turns the world of Batman around and gives him new perspective, not a twist Batman around and make him super duper world traveler devil hunter.  
I love Batman, just not this version and I hope that when it's done DC will be smart and do with it what MArvel did with Grant's X-Men run. Ignore it, undo all that had been done, and move back to a more honest and true Dark Knight.
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I have to say in all honesty I didn't really like the whole Scott and Emma relatiopnship at first. But now I really do enjoy them as a couple. And with Jean's inevitable return I was looking forward to a different dichotomy where Scott is happy where he's at and Jean realizing that this Cyclops isn't the Cyclops she had known.   
However, it seems now that Scott and Emma are being set up to fail so that Jean can pick up the pieces and frankly that's pretty damn lame (if it's true).  But in all honesty, do you see Jean Grey being okay with Scott creating X-Force; a mutant death squad. No Scott has changed alot since Grant killed her off. Plus the whole story of Jean's spirit telling Scott to move on with Emma would be pointless. (On top of being stupid to begin with).
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