"A wise man speaks because he has something to say. A fool speaks because he has to say something."

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Welcome to the Mad House 0

**Spoiler Alert** (skip the first paragraph to avoid spoilers)Wayne Manor is no more. Instead, it is replaced with an all-new Arkham Asylum AKA. Arkham Manor. How did this happen? Well, since the destruction of the old "mental hospital", Gotham has needed to find a new place to house it's criminally insane. Where do you house all these nut-cases? Shoving them all in a stadium has raised a few eyebrows so a better idea needs to be thought of. And that better idea is converting Bruce Wayne's famil...

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Classic Venom 0

**Spoiler Alert**Venom: one of Spiderman's most recognisable villains and now some of his earlier appearances are collected in this trade. The book contains several 90's issues all about Venom and his relationship with his heroic counterpart. The first few follow the story of the symbiote escaping from prison and hunting down Peter Parker. After an encounter with the Styx and Stone, Brock believes his other to be dead but we discover that is not the case in the second arc. Eddie, while sharing a...

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The prodigal son 0

**Spoiler Alert**Welcome back to the land of the living: this trade collects the "Under the Hood" story arc in which Jason Todd AKA. Robin returns from the grave. However, the reunion with his adoptive father is not a friendly one. After a preview of what's to come, we discover Black Mask has become a major crime boss but is starting to lose his grip: a man named the Red Hood is rising through the ranks of the criminal underworld. And he's not the only one giving Sionis trouble: Batman and Night...

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Knight Terror...ble (I know that's not how you spell "terrible" but it's the most creative thing I can think of) 0

**Spoiler Alert**And so it begins. The first nine issues of the New 52's Batman: The Dark Knight. The main story focuses on Batman trying to cease the production of a new Fear Toxin-like compound that causes a whole host of Batman's villains to lose all trepidation. Fortunately for them, it gives you super-strength. Unfortunately for them, bleeding out of your eyeballs is one of the possible side effects. In the end, we discover that Bane is behind this and, after Batman defeats his foe (with so...

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