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Bloodshot Respect Thread


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Bloodshot #1

1-3: Recovers from being blown up by a missile in the time it takes for him to be transported to an enemy base

4: Demonstrates his shape-shifting abilities, taking the appearance of an enemy who's neck he just snapped

5: Shoots a large amount of enemies while out of cover

Bloodshot #2

1: Uses his sonic screech to injure soldiers

2: Tanks a bullet to the cheek, responding with a face shattering punch

3: Has enough strength to easily rip a man's arm off

Bloodshot #3

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Quickly recovers after being shot in the chest by a sniper at close range

Bloodshot #4

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Uses his shape-shifting abilities to take the appearance of a pilot

Bloodshot #5

1: Shows that he is able to heal others using his own nanites

2: His healing factor allows him to run through a barrage of bullets from turrets

Bloodshot #6

1: Dodges a rocket after it's fired

2-3: Is resistant to extremely cold temperatures

4: Slices Recon's neck with his own snapped bone

5-6: Is reasonably stable after being shot multiple times

Bloodshot #7

1: Is able to stay concious underwater for much longer than an ordinary human could and can use his shape-shifting abilities to blend into his surroundings

2-3: Stays calm after having his eyeball telekinetically crushed

Bloodshot #8

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Rips off Point's head and spine

Bloodshot #9

Takes a beating from Gamma, a metahuman with superhuman strength

Bloodshot #10

1: Is shot a number of times in the chest

2-3: Doesn't need to wear armour as his body is able to take damage like sword slashes

Bloodshot #11

1: After getting within range, uses the "Harda Protocol" to temporally short-circuit Toyo Harada's brain

2-3: Remains concious after being thrown into the air by Harda who has now recovered

Bloodshot #12

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After a group of enemies has cut him up and surrounded him, he uses his synaptic burst to presumably kill them

Bloodshot #13

1: Tanks an explosion from an incoming vehicle

2: Reaches through Peter Stanchek's psionic shield