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My top 12 favorite All Star Superman issues

All Star Superman is my favorite comic, and possibly my favorite thing ever, so i decided to do a list where i ranked the 12 issues. I may be doing more ASS-related lists or blogs in the future.

List items

  • This is it. The perfect issue. The greatness and depth of the All Star Superman myth reaches it's pinnacle in this issue, where every page is like an infant baby universe in itself, teeming with philosophical ideas and consepts so subtly incorporated that you'll discover new depths the tenth time you read it. Every single scene is an iconic one, with everything from the entirety of human civilization on earth Q evolving and flourishing in less than a second of Superman's life, to him curing cancer, to him saving not only the fictional life of a suicidal teen, but also the real lives of comic readers struggling with depression the world over. The detail and atmosphere of all the scenes in this issue is breathtaking to say the least. Just look at that one panel where you can see all of Kandor. You can just lose yourself in the incredible detail of that picture, the spires and buildings, the fields and mountains that surround it. Probably my favourite moment in the comic is when he creates Earth Q, which you don't even realize is OUR WORLD until you've read it several times. The aboriginals look up at the stars, imagining the world's creation, the Hindus create their pantheons, The renaissance philosopher says that we can become gods if we so will it, Nietzsche dreams of the Overman, and finally, Siegel and Shuster create their smiling, optimistic little cartoon character. Superman is more than just a character, he is a concept, an age-old idea, he is everything humanity aspires to be.

  • I have trouble describing this issue. It's just so damn amazing. So damn perfect. it has such a range of themes, it's funny, whimsial, sad, tragic, and it all blends into this original, real, living story. Superman is stuck on Htrae without his powers, and he meets Zibarro, a Bizarro anomaly that is the opposite of Bizarro (which basically makes him Superman). Zibarro is an incredibly sad and lonely character, he has been stuck on Htrae with the Bizarro copies his entire life, which has turned him into a sad and utterly hopeless character. He thinks and sees and feels, but has no-one to talk to. When Superman arrives he wants to show him the poetry he as written, the thoughts and feelings he has about the world, which is so sad and touching. I almost always cry at that point. I can relate to him really well. I just feel so bad for him.

    Anyway, the visuals are stunning in this issue. Quitely's detail and Jamie Grant's colors create an amazing atmosphere. as Bizarro-Home is sinking back into the underverse, everything is decaying and dying. I love how they have this little ceremony for every time they sink back into the underverse, like they're a human society or something.. The issue ends with Superman finally being able to escape from the Underverse on a rocket, leaving Zibarro to return to the frozen sludge, cursed to live his lonely life in that terrible place forever. Man, i could just look at that final page forever. Such a sad, marvelous story.

  • The opening to this issue is reason enough for it's placement on the list. This almost religious moment, where Jor-El represents a higher power, a Godlike figure who transcends life and death, is breathtaking. Everything he says in the scene solidifies the essence of this story.

    The other great scene in this issue is the scene where Lex Luthor realizes the unity of the universe. I'm still not sure if the "it's thought-controlled!" thing is meant more thematically, or if Grant just wanted to get the whole chaos magick thing into the comic.

    Anyway, this scene is really great, Luthor's stubborness and smallmindedness is all swept away when he is confronted with the singular complexity of existence.

    And at the end of the whole story, Superman becomes the heart of the sun, the ultimate giver of life.

  • OK, let's face it, Solaris is basically the perfect Superman villain. First of all, he's a goddamn sun. More importantly, he's an artificial sun who wants to kill a sun god and overthrow the sun that gives him power. His megalomania represents the human desire of wanting to become master of all things and climb the highest peak. He wants to replace the thing that he was created in the imag e of, kind of like Frankenstein's monster wanting to become human.

    And his design is the dankest shit you'll ever see, and his immortal words "SUPERMAN! FACE THE TYRANT SUN! SCOURGE OF WORLDS!" is still one of my favorite quotes from the book.

  • This issue is an utterly ridiculous tale, which starts out just being amazing in a Silver Age-y kind of way, but later asks the question "what if Superman lost his shit and became a psychopath?"

    Superman gets affected by black kryptonite, goes postal and decides to wipe out the human race. But as his Black K mind control goes on further and further, he gradually becomes dumber and dumber, until he's a pathetic halfwit, barely being able to put a sentence together about how he's afraid of dying, showing that even Superman has the fears of the everyman.

  • This issue somehow retains the origin of the Superman story as well as the far distant, dynastical future of it. Gods from other dimensions and some of the most powerful beings in the universe come crashing into this farmboy's simple life. The story has a sense of beginning, as well as a sense of closure, with Superman being able to say goodbye to his father. The young Clark Kent, amidst the turmoil of life desicions, is shown what great things will come out of him becoming Superman, and that many people will join his cause, across centuries and millennia, across many worlds and dimensions.

  • This issue is an interesting look into how Lex Luthor views the world. You can see how he trains his mind and his body, using the most hostile enviroment known to man as his training ground. The aspect that i love about Lex is how he claims to be a perfect human being, but is still overcome by such a basic human emotion as jealousy. There are many amazing little details in this issue, such as Lex drawing on his eyebrows, trying to make them look as perfect as Superman's. Ultimately, Lex is a jealous, insecure human being who wants to become perfect without ever realizing how impossible that would be.

  • All Star Superman begins with an amazing cinematic sequence, where Superman does your usual Superman stuff, saving Leo and the gang from Lex Luthor. And the origin story is neatly wrapped up in an 8-word sequence.

  • This issue is incredibly confusing when you read it for the first time, which adds to the experience. The invasion has a cool sense of realisric confusion, because you don't really know what's going on. The fight between Bizarro and Superman is cool as heck, and the visuals are goddamn incredible.

  • Pretty fun issue. The best part is probably the Subterranosauri, one of those genial Silver Age things that make this story great.

  • This issue had good parts, Superman's house tour was cool, but i don't really think their relationship is that interesting to be honest. The whole trust issue thing was good for showing how forgiving and understanding Superman is.

  • This issue just felt a bit forced. After the epic Bizarro story, it felt like filler. I liked how it showed the fascist aspect of Kryptonian society, how they value intelligence over kindness etc.

    And it felt shorter than all the other issues, too.