My 1st Impression of Avengers Age Of Ultron

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Top 10 Intelligent Zombies




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It's all the Scarlet Witch FAULT! [Incursions Origin Theory]


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What if the Scarlet Witch (and Hope) is to Blame for the Incursion Events that lead to the destruction of 616 Universe by an Incusrion event.

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For those of you who don't know an Incursion is anmultiversal event what happens when 2 parallel Earths occupy the same space in the... multiversei think. When they make contact with each both universes are destroyed but if one Earth is destroyed both universe live.

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She (And Hope) Destroyed the Phoenix witch is responsible with the rebirth of the universe. So what happens when An Universe Dies and there no Phoenix to bring it back. It could cause the destabilization of the multiverse.

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Now I know that there a hole in this theory since Cyclops became the new Phoenix in Secret Wars #1. But still, getting rid of an entity as powerful and important as the Phoenix shouldn't be without consequences.

But last time she said something like that she managed to alter the universe's laws and she affected different timelines and some parallel universes so everything goes.

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