Here's my list of my favorite marvel mutants:

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  • Cyke was one of the first comic character I remember identifying as a kid -- he was the guy with the cool visor and laser blasts. His classic Byrne-era look is still one of my favorite costumes -- simple and bold.

  • Always liked the dichotomy between Kurt's faith and his appearance, plus who wouldn't want to teleport? Anyone?

  • One of my all-time favorite villains. He's so scary because he 100% believes his action are justified to say nothing of the raw power he wields...

  • He's here because of SPIDER-MAN & HIS AMAZING FRIENDS plain and simple.

  • Of all the incarnations of Hank I like his Avenger's era best. His friendship with Wonder Man is classic!

  • With Colossus I'm drawn to the symbolic duality (much like Nightcrawler) -- the romantic, peaceful heart of a painter wrapped in cold, hard steel skin.

  • I never cared for him much until Peter David's run on "the new" X-Factor in the 1990's. Once David got a second chance at Jamie I feel he really made MM into a solid, well-rounded character which is something to say for someone who's powers are to be anything but...

  • Can you get a better name than this? Guido is just cool-for-cats in my book.

  • I'm not a big fan of the X-chicks. Jean? Too die-y. Rogue? Too whiny. Storm? Too Stormy. I always thought she had a cool look and a cool power that was mostly untapped...then House of M happened.... -sigh-

  • When I started reading comics on a month to month basis I was in my early high school years and Warren had been transformed into Archangel not too long ago. X-Factor had only recently returned from an outer space adventure and he was having a difficult time controlling his new wings... I liked the new look and cool metal wings a lot. It made him a more viable component to the team rather than being "the flying guy".


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Nice list. Very classic. This is for you.