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Highly Disappointing 4

I've been looking forward to this film since it was first announced. I never reviewed the first Thor (I was going to tonight, but saw this film in theaters. I'll review the first some point within the next week), but I loved it and find it the second best MCU movie. The theater near my house was having a special early showing tonight, so I made sure to go and see it early. And this was a HUGE disappointment. I really wish I just stayed home and played a video game (Mass Effect sounds good)...

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...Is that is? 6

For the past 6 months or so, I've become a huge fan of The Walking Dead franchise. I played the video game and it became one of my favorite games of all time. It got me interested enough to watch the TV Series, which I loved even more than the game. However, I don't review TV shows or Video Games, I review comic books & movies. And since they never made a Walking Dead movie, I decided to buy the first trade for the comics and read it. The series has gotten so much acclaim, plus I reall...

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Magnificant 1

Oh goodie, another villains month book. I've reviewed Joker & Darkseid, and they both were bad. So, I don't know as much about Deadshot as the others, so I probably wouldn't even like this one as much. I didn't have high expectations going in. I read it, and it was fantastic. It was just so well done. Let's just start the review so I can say why.The GoodDeadshot's Origin - I won't go into spoiler territory here, but I liked Deadshot's origin. I have no clue how accurate it is, but si...

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One of the worst comics I've ever read 5

Scott Snyder, YOU CAN DO BETTER THAN THIS! I've always liked the Joker. I didn't care for his portrayal in Death of the Family, so I was hoping this could save the Joker in the New 52. And this was just awful. This is just so bad. It's not even bad, it's just atrocious. There are so many things wrong this this comic. I warn you, this will be more of a rant than a review, so you may want to skip this. Still here? Then let's start this.First off, I have to ask: Why are we trying to give ...

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It sucked! But I still liked it 0

Warning: The Following review contains spoilers for Justice League #23.1. You've been warned.Out of all of the Villains Months books, I was looking forwards to this one the most. Darkseid has always been one of my favorite DC villains, and I wanted to see more of him after the first arc of Justice League. I really didn't feel he was fleshed out enough in that arc, so I was hoping this issue would start. I think he should have a fill mini-series for that, but this was certainly a good way to...

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A Good Start 1

Hi. I know I haven't been very active in reviews lately, but I figured Forever Evil is the perfect time to start. I'll try and be as active as I can be with reviews after this, but I can't guarantee a schedule. Anyway, enough of my pointless rambling. How does the first issue of Forever Evil fair? Let's find out.The PlotWithout going into spoilers, here's the best I can summarize the plot: Following the events of Trinity War, the Justice League is dead (isn't a spoiler since DC won't stop ...

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Quest for Peace should be Rest in Peace 2

Ugh. I can't believe I'm willingly watching this film again. I really can't. I think I hate myself and want to suffer. With all the great movies I have sitting on my shelf, I decided to watch Superman IV: The Quest for Peace (which I don't even own, I just took out from the library). I'm such an idiot. I remember this being the worst Superman movie and one of the worst superhero movies of all time, but after rewatching Superman III, this should look good. SHOULD. I don't quite have high...

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They Butchered It 5

PLEASE NOTE: This will contain spoilers for Superman III. I would say not to read this review if you don't want the film spoiled, but if you want to see this film, you're an idiot. Not trying to offend anyone, but you're as much of an idiot as me if you want to see this thing.Okay, continuing my Superman week is Superman III. After one pretty good film and one great film, both of which were successful, they obviously had to make a third film. In fact the first thing seen in the credits of Su...

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The Best Superman Movie 0

In honor of the release of Man of Steel this Friday, I'm having Superman Week where I review the previous Superman movies. Today, Superman II. Before hoping in, I have to say that you will probably be able to make a drinking game out of how many times I mention how hot Ursa is.The GoodSuperman - Supes was once again very good in this film. Christopher Reeves just does a great job with the character. There were a few corny/cheesey moments/lines, but I think those were intentional.Lois Lane -...

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First major superhero movie revisited 0

I'm back! And to celebrate the release of Man of Steel this Friday (can't believe it's already here, Fall of 2011 doesn't seem long ago), I decided to go back and relive the cinematic history of Superman, starting with Superman in 1978. While this wasn't the first superhero movie, it was the first major superhero movie and paved the way for films like Batman, Spider-Man, Iron Man, and The Avengers. I don't remember much of it, but it's regarded as a classic and one of the greatest superhero ...

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A Good Start 1

Awesome Cover! You know, I honestly don't know much about Thanos. From the little bit I've read he seems cool, but I just haven't read enough with him to truly judge the character. And with him being the main villain in Avengers 2, I felt I had to know about the character a bit more. So when I saw Thanos Rising #1 on the shelf at my comic store, I decided to get it. The cover looked awesome, and that alone made me want to buy it. I didn't know what the story involved, whether it was his ori...

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The Best We've Got 1

Poor Punisher. He hasn't been treated with any respect in other media. The worst offender (that I've seen) is the 2004 Punisher movie with Thomas Jane. I originally got that and War Zone at the same time, and I watched the Jane one first. The only thing close to positive I can say about that movie is the costume looked pretty cool. I quickly got rid of War Zone, and seeing the type of reviews it got, I never looked back.Fast forward to 2013. It's been kind of boring, I love the Punisher even mor...

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Awesome 3

The following review contains slight spoilers for Dredd. If you haven't seen it yet, there isn't anything major here that spoils the film, but still a warning.Well, I had nothing to do through all of April and was SO bored. I eventually decided to try some more movies, and started looking for anything that looked semi-interesting. I remembered hearing something on this site during something about 2012 comic movies and heard about something called Dredd. I checked Comic Vine's Page or it, and...

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I Don't Know... 3

I got back from the film not too long ago (a few hours ago). I was so exited for the movie, watching all kinds of trailers and stuff. I was so hyped up for this film. It's been a year since The Avengers hit theaters (though chronologically it's set a month after the Chitauri [or however they spell their name] invaded, but I'm getting off-topic), and now we get our first look at the Marvel Cinematic Universe after The Avengers.Anyway, I was so hyped up for this movie. I knew it couldn't matc...

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Epic 2

I liked issue 1 of Swamp Thing, so I'm reading and doing a review for issue 2. Not much to say really. Let's get started:The GoodThe Art - Before I say anything else, I have to comment on how much I love this art. It is just amazing.The Swamp Thing/Alec Holland conversation - Most of the issue is just a conversation between these two. But it was still fantastic. It was done well, and was just epic.Despite most of the issue being one conversation, they still slipped in some great action at the en...

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Decent Start 0

Okay, screw the Batman Begins review. I'll get to it whenever.Anyway, hi everyone (don't know why I say everyone, I think only one person reads these things). As some of you may know, I have recently gotten all of the New 52 comics. I read a lot of them (Green Lantern, Justice League, Aquaman, and Static Shock), but I decided to read this one next. Swamp Thing has gotten a lot of acclaim and is generally considered one of the best titles in the New 52. I was either going to do this or Teen Titan...

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Truly Amazing 0

NOTE: The Following Review is Spoiler-FreeYeah, more reviews for comics (different from my usual movie reviews). Before I go into this one, I need to say that I know nothing about the characters in this book (with the obvious exception of Valkyrie). I don't know who they are, where they came from, or what their deal is. However, I thought the cover looked cool and the book sounded interesting from the little I knew about it. So, I saw it at the comic store and was thinking about getting it, but ...

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The Greatest Issue Yet 2

Hello. Yes, I know I said Batman Begins would be my next review. What can I say? I haven't gotten around to watching it. Anyway, I think February has been an amazing month for comics (and it's not even over yet :D). Yesterday, I got some of the best modern comics I've read in a while. So, I've decided to do reviews for all of those. First: my favorite: Thor: God of Thunder #5. I'm going to make this spoiler free since this is a recent comic.The GoodThor - Oh, how an you not love Thor? He was jus...

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Surprisingly Great 2

Hello Viners. I originally thought about continuing my reviews with Batman Begins. I don't know why I decided to do this instead. Maybe I'm a sucker for bad movies, maybe I just have a crush on Halle Berry and won't admit it, or maybe I'm just insane. Who knows? Anyway, I'm writing this little opening before I've seen the film. I just decided to do Catwoman, and I knew how I wanted to word this opening. So let's get started.The GoodBefore I go into the good of the film, I have to make one thing ...

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Amazing 0

I was trying to think of a joke for the title. I couldn't think of anything that made sense. So, that's the title. I don't know why the Hell I would open up a review like that.Anyway, my first review was for The Dark Knight Returns: Part 1. Fast forward four months, and Part 2 has been released, so I'm doing a review for that. Like most of my reviews, this will contain spoilers. You've been warned.The GoodThe Joker - Who doesn't love the Joker? He was also awesome in this. Although I didn't like...

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Truly Epic 3

Well, my reviews have returned (yay). This time, I'm reviewing Iron Man. Iron Man was the first comic movie I saw in theaters. I admit, when I first saw it, I knew very little about Iron Man. I only watched reruns of the 90s animated series, and I didn't think much of it. Although the movie made me want to read the comics, and I liked him. Anyway, let's get started.The GoodTony Stark - Who the Hell doesn't like Robert Downey Jr. as Tony Stark? He is just perfect. Probably the greatest casting in...

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Avengers, Assemble! Then dissasemble again for some reason... 3

Some of you should know I decided to write one review a week. Well, I figured I'd start them off with a bang! I'm reviewing my favorite movie of all time, The Avengers. Now, there will be spoilers. But if you haven't seen it yet, what is wrong with you? Let's jump right in.The GoodRandom order here. It's just when I think of it.Loki - Those of you who saw Thor know how fantastic Tom Hiddleston was as Loki. He managed to make his performance here 10X better. He was the absolute perfect villain fo...

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Bat-Crap 5

I was in the mood to review another bad movie. So, Batman & Robin was the one I chose. Now before I go into it, I'm not going to lie. I actually like this movie. NOT because it's a good movie (I think it's a horrible movie), but it's so bad it gets to the point where it's kind of funny. Now, I will be going into spoilers here. I don't know how anything would be spoiled for you, but I just had to throw that out.The BadI like to start with the good first. But I had to start with bad here. You ...

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Horrible 9

The Amazing Spider-Man. Hearing it and just looking at a few things in it, it looks good. Nice costume, some cool special effects, etc. Then all the acclaim it's gotten It looks pretty good. Then, you actually sit down and watch it. I'm going to start with a little story going into it.Before I saw itI saw Spider-Man 3 in 2008, a little under a year I got into comics. I loved it. It was just so awesome. I was waiting years for Spider-Man 4. Then, it was canceled. I was very angry, but I just look...

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Pretty Good 3

Now, before I start, I just want to say that this is the first review I've written. So, I'm sorry if it sucks.I just got done watching this. It was very good. I am just going to cover the good and the bad in it. As from this moment on, there will be spoilers. You have been warned.The GoodThe plot was very good in the movie. I have not read the comic it is based on, so I cannot say if it was accurate or not. Set several years in the future, Bruce Wayne has retired as Batman. However, a gang calle...

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