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Worst Comic Book Movies

Title speaks for itself. I do have all these films listed in my favorite comic book movies list (because I rank all my comic films there, regardless of whether I liked them or not), but I figured this would be more convenient for people to find. Please remember that these are my opinion, and I know some will disagree. But please don't try to start an argument about this list for no reason.

Also, so that way I'm not completely negative, I will list one good thing about each of the films.

NOTE: I have not seen Superman Returns, Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance, Captain America (1990), or Steel. So none of those could be on the list.

Honorable Mentions: Daredevil, X-Men: First Class, Iron Man 3, & Thor: The Dark World.

List items

  • This movie was just terrible. Bad plot, bad script, bad acting, confusing moments, and just pure laziness. I remember one point where they didn't even set up a background, they just threw two actors in a dark room and put spotlights on them. I'm so happy this was rebooted.

    Good Things: If you watch it with the right people (like I did), this is funny to watch, simply because of the jokes that can be made.

  • Why get rid of Tim Burton?!? His Batman films weren't perfect and weren't accurate to the comics at all, but they were enjoyable. This is just unwatchable. Bad acting (though a few of them were mainly due to the bad directing. Kilmer COULD have been a decent Batman), bad writing, bad humor, etc. It doesn't even feel like a sequel to Batman Returns, it feels like a reboot that skipped the origin. And to everyone who's said Jim Carrey played a good Riddler: What type of drugs did you take before watching this?

    Good Things: There was something good about this? Ha ha! You're hilarious.

  • Daredevil was bad enough, why did this need to be made? She was dead at the end of Daredevil, keep her dead! This was an awful movie where no effort was put in. The villains are non-memorable, Jennifer Garner just doesn't care about her role, the film is confusing, etc. I might be crazy, but this could have been a cool film in my opinion. But they ruined it.

    Good Things: makes Daredevil look like a masterpiece? Yeah, I'll go with that.

  • I refuse to talk about this atrocity.

    Good Things: Special effects weren't too bad for the time (at least to me. I haven't seen a lot of 80s movies).

  • Just look at the title. Need I say more? I do? Darn it. They didn't even try with this. The special effects were worse than the first Superman, which came 9 years before. The film was only to push their anti-nuclear weapon thing, the actors don't care anymore, there are various plot holes, nothing is right here. I wrote a review for it a while ago, feel free to go to my profile and have a look.

    Good Things: I have two positive things to say about this. 1) It's at least only about 90 minutes long, so they don't make you suffer too much. And 2) It's one of those so bad it's good movies. I just laugh at how bad it is.

  • George Clooney as Batman. Arnold Schwarzeneggar (or however you spell his name) as Mr. Freeze. Alicia Silverstone as some random made up movie character with the name Batgirl (it was not Barbara Gordon). These should pretty much explain it already, but let's go further. Bad humor, bad writing, bad design choices (bat-nipples for example), and they ruin so many great characters (most notable being Bane).

    Good Things: Similar to Superman IV, it's one of those so bad it's good movies.

  • This is one I refuse to comment about. Seriously, I will never talk about the FF movies until a good one is made. Until then, don't ask!

    Good things: There is nothing good!

  • What did I just say!?!

  • This was so very bad. Nicholas Cage was Ghost Rider, which is bad enough. Whoever played Mephisto (who didn't look like Mephisto) was awful, and the same story from Blackheart. This was just awful.

    Good Things: At least they made a movie about the character, which is good. But with how bad it turned out, it might have been a good thing if they didn't.

  • Why is this film so highly praised?!? It had awful acting from everyone not named Emma Stone (she was the only good part about the film). The script was terrible and left various plot threads hanging there (why did he never track down Uncle Ben's killer? Isn't that an important part of Spider-Man's origin?). Andrew Garfield provided NO emotion as Peter/Spider-Man and didn't even look good in the part. George Stacy sucked and they couldn't even get his hair color right. The final moments of the film are worse than Mass Effect 3 (or in other words for those who haven't played Mass Effect, very bad). Lizard sucked (as both a character and the design for him). The mid-credits scene makes no sense (and not in a good way like it was suppose to be mysterious, it was just written poorly). This probably deserves to be an honorable mention instead of actually on the list, but when a film gets this much praise and THIS is what I watch after paying $25 for the DVD, people must be doing those drugs they did before watching Batman Forever. And I TRIED to like this, but I just couldn't. It just sucks.

    Good Things: As previously listed, Emma Stone was good in the film.