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My Favorite Titles in the New 52

Name speaks for itself.

List items

  • I understand now why everyone loves New 52 Aquaman. This was absolutely epic. I was a bit iffy on him after reading him in Justice League, but I was completely off with how good or bad this would be. The Throne of Atlantis crossover only made it higher.

  • This is a great series. Very different take on the character from other eras in DC, but still the same great character. This was my favorite for a while, until I read Aquaman.

  • Read the first trade and loved it. Made me love the character.

  • Geoff Johns once again put out great GL stories.

  • It was great. It's a nice change of pace from Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, etc. I wouldn't recommend it to everyone, though it's still something nice to sit down and read.

  • Only one reason this doesn't make number one on the list. Cyborg instead of Martian Manhunter. Anyone who likes that change has never read anything with Martian Manhunter. It was still a great read, but was missing the most important character in Justice League history.

    EDIT: Throne of Atlantis brought this up in quality.

  • This was just amazing. I just don't understand all the hate for it. My only complaint was that it had a little too much Batman for something that doesn't hate the word "Bat" in the title, but I was able to work past that. I can't wait to see more.

  • I've only read the first 8 issues (the story arc Superman and the Men of Steel). It was the greatest Superman storyline of all time. You haven't read it if you disagree. Hate having it so low.

  • Usually, I never cared for Supes. I found him very boring and uninteresting. The New 52 changed that. They have turned Superman into a good and interesting character that I like.

  • Now, I ONLY read #16 and Annual #1 for Rise of the Third Army. I loved what I read of it (that Annual was truly epic). Haven't read a lot from it, but if someone could tell me if the rest of the series is as good, it'd be much appreciated.

  • I really hate having it this low. It was so awesome. But the other titles were just better. Though that doesn't take away from the series any. It was a nice read. Interesting, exciting, everything. Although it really felt a little dragged out.

  • Great series. Night of the Owls has become one of my favorite stories in DC. Really not much to say here though. I can say I wish it was higher.

  • This would of been higher on the list had it not been for little stuff. Jay Garrick's costume (along with most of the costume) are just God awful. Alan Scott being gay is just... wrong (I don't have a problem with gays, but you shouldn't turn a character that's been around since 1941 gay for no reason). It was still a good read, but small stuff just really annoys me.

  • One word to describe this series? Meh. This could be much better. I buy it because it's decent, but still could be better. Gotten better since #13 though.

  • I will not discuss this atrocity. Okay, I'm underrating it, but it was still bad.

  • This is just horrible. A complete waste of money. Which sucks, because I love Bleez and really like Atrocitus.

  • Sad. I love Martian Manhunter and had high hopes for this.