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My Favorite Comic Book TV Series

I originally had a list like this, but it was only for animated shows. And there weren't pages on the wiki for TV shows. So I deleted that and made a new one that also includes live action shows. This does not include every comic show I've seen, it only takes the ones I liked and ranks them in order.

Also, The Spectacular Spider-Man would be on here, but I can't find a wiki page for it for some reason. So put it in the #8 spot.

List items

  • I never read the comic (other than the first six issues which I didn't care for, but I'll read more eventually). The only reason I watched this show was because of the game. After the game received so much acclaim, I decided to check it out and I loved it (I think calling it the best game of 2012 is ridiculous, but it was still great). I then decided to check the show out and also loved it. There are some parts I didn't care for (how much Season 2 dragged, Season 3 screwing us out of a true ending, Season 4 having mostly terrible episodes until the mid season finale, etc.), but it's still a fantastic show and my personal favorite show based off a comic book.

  • I only watched Season 1 of the show but I loved it. There were a few bad episodes, and the dialogue could be terrible at times, but it was still a great show I enjoyed. I was really looking forward to Season 2, but I refuse to watch it. The show and everyone involved did nothing wrong, so I don't blame them. But even though I won't watch Season 2, Season 1 was still fantastic.

  • I'm counting this & Justice League as one show. There honestly isn't much to say about this other than it was amazing and introduced me to some of my favorite characters (Martian Manhunter, The Question, & Huntress to name a few).

  • When I first heard about this show I though "...that's just stupid." I ended up giving it a chance one day when I was bored, and I'm glad I did. This is the best Batman show they've ever made.

  • This was a fantastic show that really need a third season. Season 2 had a lot of flaws, but it was still nice to watch.

  • I still find it ridiculous that this didn't make it past one season. Incredible show.

  • As much as I love this show, I hated the way they ended it.

  • I've never read a Static comic book (other than the N52 series which was bad), but this show made me a fan of the character.

  • This was actually the first superhero show I ever watched. I loved it and prefer it to comic Superman. I just would have liked a little more closure when the series ended.

  • There's not much to say here. It was an enjoyable show cancelled too early. The CGI took a little getting used to, but it was fine once you got used to it.

  • This was a fantastic show and really paved the way for future comic shows (to me at least). But I don't know how anyone says that this is the greatest superhero cartoon of all time.