MY Favorite Avengers in Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes

This is a list with my favorite Avengers (in order) from Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes. I am only counting official members, therefore there will be no Spider-man, Winter Soldier, Scott Lang, Luke Cage, etc. So, let's start.

List items

  • Everyone knows this was going to be number one.

  • Honestly, I never really cared for Cap until watching this show. When I first got into comics, I found him very boring and corny. But I started liking him a little after seeing Captain America: the First Avenger, and I really started to like him after seeing this show. I started reading more of his comics, and I really started liking him. So, he gets number two on this list.

  • I hated the big three being my top 3, but the only ones on the team I like more than Iron Man are Cap and Thor. So, Iron Man gets number 3.

  • I have always liked Vision. I was thrilled when I heard he was going to be in Season 2. I thought they did him very well in the show. My only complaint with him was that he didn't get much time in the spotlight (with the exception of a few episodes) because of the large roster at the end of Season 2.

  • I love her in the series, and I like that she is the only person to be a member through out the entire series, no matter what was going on.

    And I may be the only one to admit this, but I found her hot in the series.

  • It's weird. I never liked Hawkeye until I saw this show. I still find him boring when reading comics with him, but I love watching him in the show.

  • He would of been lower on the list, but that was before the episode "Yellowjacket" I loved watching him in the show after that. I don't know what it was, but I love him as Yellowjacket but find him boring as Ant-man.

  • Now we're getting into the harder ones to rank. I'm giving Ms Marvel number 7, but it was tough between her and number 8.

  • Number 8. The King of Wakanda, Black Panther. IT was tough to rank him, but I'm happy where he's ranked.

  • It's not that I hate Hulk, I just didn't like him in the series.

  • Red Hulk. Not sure if you want to count him as a member. I count him as a member, therefore he is on the list. I have never liked Red Hulk. He was okay in the series, but I don't think he should of joined the team.