Films that had potential but ended up sucking


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  • Lizard as the villain, Gwen Stacy as the love interest, putting more effort into Peter's parents = BRILLIANT IDEAS! But through a horrible script, horrendous acting, unoriginality, and just plain laziness, it ended up sucking.

  • There was good casting (for the most part), a good plot, and the great idea of building up to Sinestro. What went wrong? I don't know. But it could of been much better.

  • The instant I heard about this movie, I did nothing but look everywhere for it (I was too stupid to remember the internet). The idea of a Daredevil movie is just epic. It could easily be as good as the Batman films (with the obvious exception of The Dark Knight Rises)if not batter. But through poor acting choices, trying to jam too much into one film, and just a poor script, it failed. Hopefully they get you right in the reboot Daredevil.

  • Never been a huge Ghost Rider fan, but the character still has extreme potential for an amazing movie. But Nicholas Cage as Ghost Rider? EPIC FAIL!!!

  • Why did they have to ruin Dr. Doom like that!?!

  • The only thing that makes this film semi-watchable is Michael Fassbender as Magneto. Other than that, they take what could of been a great film and made it... this debacle. Let's hope it's erased following Days of Future Past.