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Comic Movies that should be/should have been made

Title pretty much speaks for itself. These are all comic movies that I want them to make or movies that they should have made but can't be made now. Completely random order.

This is all I can think of right now. I'll probably add more later.

List items

  • A sequel.

  • They should have kept Tim Burton on this film. There would have been a completely different cast, including Michael Keaton returning as Batman. The film would have been darker like Returns, the script probably wouldn't have been so bad, and the title wouldn't have been as stupid.

  • I've read that this was originally going to be a spin-off of Batman Returns, with Tim Burton returning to direct and Michelle Pfeiffer returning as Catwoman. But it was stuck in developmental hell for years until becoming this, considered one of the worst films ever made. I'd really like to see what Burton's original version was like. I loved Catwoman in Returns and I think it would have been a great film.

  • It's not based off of the show, that's just the title I want.

    It's obvious that they're going to make another Batman movie down the line, this is simply how I feel it should be done. Skip the origin story, just jump straight into Batman being active for a few years. Cast Karl Urban as Batman, Emma Stone as Barbara Gordon/Oracle (there'd be references to her previously working as Batgirl, but she'd only be Oracle throughout the film), and Bryan Cranston as Commissioner Gordon. The Plot is: It's Christmas Eve, and Black Mask has escaped from prison and has hired a few assassins (Deathstroke, Deadshot, Shiva, and possibly someone else) to take down Batman, so he has to beat them all and take down Black Mask. Yes, this is copied from Arkham Origins, but the game ruined this awesome set up, so I figured I'd use it for a film. I have another idea, but I don't have the plot fully fleshed out and would rather wait to share it until I do.

  • Just adapt this story, lowering the number of characters.

  • I love the show, and a movie would be awesome.

    And I swear I'm finally done with Batman at this point.

    Also, how does this sound? Michael Keaton as Bruce Wayne in the movie? I think it'd be awesome.

  • To settle the Barry Allen or Wally West question, here's what I'd want to happen: The first film has Barry as the Flash and just covers his origins and stuff. The second film introduced Wally as Kid Flash. The third film has Barry die about half way through, and Wally becomes Flash by the end. I think that as long as the films were good, this would make everyone happy.

  • My idea for this is Deadpool is watching X-Men Origins: Wolverine on DVD. He gets up to the part where he shows up at the end and starts complaining about how they ruined him. So he calls a movie studio and hires them to make a movie about him to show everyone how awesome he is.

    Before you praise me for coming up with a brilliant idea or yell at me for being so stupid, please know that I didn't come up with that myself. It's kind of a rip-off of the Deadpool video game, but I think it would work for a movie.

    EDIT: AllStarSuperman came up with an idea that I love. Fox turned him down when he pitched the movie, so Deadpool hires a camera crew to follow him around and film him so he can make his own movie.

  • I'm pretty sure this has been confirmed, but I'll put it here just to make sure.

  • I'd prefer to see her as Ms. Marvel, but Captain Marvel could work.

  • In all honestly, I don't think this would do very well at the box office. But I still think it'd be pretty cool.

  • A sequel. Hopefully with Edward Norton, though I'd take Mark Ruffalo.

  • We still need a really great Punisher movie. I think this would be a good arc to adapt for it.

  • A good Ghost Rider movie. Is that too much to ask?

  • See above.

  • See above.

    I don't have high hopes for the reboot.

  • If we get a good Daredevil movie, I think an Elektra spin-off would be a cool thing to do, regardless of how bad the previous one was.

  • Please reboot. ASM was terrible (haven't seen 2), and the original films were good, but not as good as they could be. When will we get that awesome Spider-Man movie we've been waiting for?

  • Sequel to Luke Cage.

  • Spin-off/prequel of Power Man & Iron Fist.

  • We're talking about Thor 3 here. Please get someone new on it who will make a good film. I liked the first one, but it had flaws. And Dark World was awful. Please stop trying to make Thor funny and focus on a good movie with him fighting a good and well-developed villain.