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Characters Who should Get their own animated series

Title speaks for itself. I am not going to include people (or teams) who have had a series in the past five years (thus, no Spider-man, Batman, Avengers, etc.). Completely random order.

List items

  • They announced on back in 2008 (or 09). Where the heck is it? If done right, this thing could be better than any comic-related cartoon ever. Thor is an interesting character, has a good villains gallery, etc. How can this guy NOT get his own series?

  • This guy could have an amazing show. However, it would have to be aimed at a more mature audience. This could not work as a Saturday/Sunday morning cartoon.

  • These guys haven't had luck with animation. From the 90s series to FF: World's Greatest Heroes (didn't like that show AT ALL), they haven't had a good one. So change that! Get the same crew that worked on EMH to work on a Fantastic Four show.

  • Does this one need anything said?

  • I'm too lazy to type this one.

  • No matter what you think of her, you have to say you're surprised she hasn't had one. She's DC's third most popular character (after Supes and Bats), yet she still hasn't gotten one. Change that. Get the same crew that worked on the animated movie back. Have the series a continuation of the movie. But just do something! And do it right.

  • If you're one of those people who find him useless, leave this list now. The guy is an amazing character that could easily have his own series.

  • The biggest problem with this guy having his own series: He's overpowered. But that's easy to fix. He was done well in Justice League, so just make him that powerful. The guy has a great rogue's gallery and could make an excellent animated seires.

  • I know, I'm surprised to.

  • You may disagree, but I don't care. As long as I get one episode, I'll be happy.

  • Please, base a new one off of the New 52!

  • They haven't had one in the past five years. They had an incredibly successful one in 2001-2006, so make another. It would be incredible.