Characters who should be in the Batman reboot (and it's sequels)

We all have our thoughts on what should happen in the Batman reboot. This is simply a list of who I think should be in it. Now I am listing man options, including people that aren't in my trilogy, but I would like to see them all included. So, let's start.

List items

  • Kind of obvious.

  • Still obvious.

  • Stop with the obvious people already!

  • What did I just say!?!

  • I don't think Ra's al Ghul and the League of Assassins should be in it, so that eliminated Talia as a love interest. I don't think Catwoman should be in it it, so that eliminates her as a love interest. After that, I think the best choice for a love interest for Bats is Vicki Vale. She was in the original Batman movie, but that was 20 years ago. By now, I think we can use her again.

  • I'm surprised this guy hasn't appeared in a movie yet. He definitely isn't a guy to go one on one with Batman, but does that mean he can't be a villain? The guy is a great character, is a genius, knows Batman's identity, etc. The script writes itself. Just don't screw up in the casting.

  • Anything to help us forget that Jim Carry debacle.

  • Wow, imagine him in a movie. He could be incredible (if cast right obviously). Imagine a scene where Batman is going through the sewers and he jumps out of nowhere. Wow. The biggest problem with him would be that people who don't know comics would think they're ripping off the Lizard from the Amazing Spider-man.

  • This is a perfect example of how we can get back to a more fantasy-themed Batman series after Nolan (I love Nolan's films and their realistic tone, but we all miss characters like this). Clayface could be an awesome villain in a movie.

  • Same as Clayface, though I think Freeze could be even better. Anything to help us forget the Arnold Swarzenager (I know I spelled that wrong) debacle.

  • This is really just my personal preference. She's my favorite Robin and Batgirl. But I know we won't see her.

  • :P

  • Make a movie based off of the Hush story arc!!! It could be the greatest epic since the Dark Knight Rises!